- New York

Photography: Zhang Jingna
Assistant: Teresa Yeh
Styling: Furqan Saini
Hair: Crews
Makeup: Perry Foulke
Model: Lauren Holl

This was done in New York last year. Never got around to posting because it's too easy to lose track over when stuff actually get published these days... But hey, here it is. One of my favourites. I always enjoy it when I'm allowed to do a campaign in black and white. Too bad it doesn't happen too often.

I'm leaving L.A. for Japan on Saturday for a week, then back to Singapore for a month or two to deal with work and stuff.

There've been a lot of changes and new plans being put into place this year, a lot of things which I'm not sure if I should/can talk about.

I end up spending too much on shoots these days almost all the time. I paid $100 for gas alone the other day when we drove out to the desert, not counting clothes, food, props and things, and that was just one of the many. But when I think about the new book (or the possibility of one), I feel like it's all okay. This is after all why I work, so I can afford to produce more pictures that I (and hopefully you) like.


My assistant Conan took some photos of me the other day. For a feature in Elle Singapore's October issue along with an interview. It really makes me happy being photographed as a photographer because no one forces me to smile anymore (as opposed to the air rifle days). 

In the upcoming issue of Fool's Mate (Oct as well) there will be some brand new photos I did with Sugizo shot here in the US.

I promised to talk about our first collaboration in Japan but never got around to, but I think it's a good time to mention that it wouldn't have been possible without my dear friend Chiaki, whom some of you may remember as the model in the Sakuran photos I did in Tokyo a few years ago.

A movie she starred in recently (Tarda Estate) is showing at the Venice International Film Festival, and as a friend I honestly can't be any prouder. *sniffs*

Gonna be shooting back to back the whole of next three days. There's just so much that I want to do but too little time.


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Also I'm finally HR9 on MHFU. Too bad there's no time for the Ukanlos right now. I really hate the crack in the middle of the battleground with undying passion.