Designaré Time: Departures by the hour - 24 hours in Lijiang according to fashion photographer Zhang Jingna

Departures by the hour, 24 hours in Lijiang according to fashion photographer Zhang Jingna
Designaré Time, 2010
Editors: Brian Kwek & Judy Cheong
Photography: Zhang Jingna

I surprised myself contributing a travel story for the inaugural issue of Designaré Time. Who'd have thought? XD

Designaré Time is an annual publication spun off from the main Designaré title, and seriously, the layout for this spread is so nice I almost couldn't recognize the images to be my photography when I first saw the PDF haha.

Isn't Lijiang so beautiful? The whole time this year I kept contemplating moving there to live for some months just to be away from the cities. But wanting to shoot in L.A. won out eventually, thou I stay faraway from L.A., enough that it's quiet too anyway hehe.

Anyway so if you run a travel magazine and need to fly someone for pictures please remember me~!!! :D :D

Talk at LCAD was great yesterday. The projector had some issues in the start but it was an enjoyable experience overall and the people and campus were wonderful.

Q&A was fun, I talked about the experience of shooting The Coldest Day and everyone had a good laugh at how stupid I was. XD They also have a small but awesome library with amazing selections, I met a girl who liked my work when we were there. She had a bunch of Yoshitaka Amano's artbooks in her hands so I related my experience of visiting Amano's home in Tokyo, it was amazing to relive those memories again.

My new editorial for Elle Singapore is out! 

PS: I also just realized my Lijiang Part II entry never came... /facepalm. One day...