The view outside my windows when it snowed today.

The whole pavement is completely covered in white now, I feel as if I spent the whole day just watching the snow fall. It's really beautiful. 

I was looking forward to the snow on my way back to Toronto, but it stopped when I returned. It's nice to actually be able to work and finally watch it happen just outside, so quiet.  
Tokyo was wonderful, I felt so happy being back there. I didn't get to go back as much in 2010 as compared to 2009, I'd missed my friends so much. There's something very cozy about our get-togethers that I love, it always gives me this warm and fuzzy feeling that I can't quite put into words, really really sweet. :)
Luna Sea was beyond my imagination, their performance spectacular. I met all the members, and everyone was so nice and down-to-earth it was touching. I'll definitely talk about it a bit more when I can share the photographs, the experience was so amazing.  
There had been a lot going on the past weeks, it's so draining dealing with everything. But hey, I made it through another year at the very least, for that I'm glad, and extremely grateful for the support you've all given me. So thank you everyone, here's to a happy and amazing new year~~ <3