Toronto Meetup

Managed to squeeze a meetup in before leaving Toronto last week. We had a record number high of people turning up (more than the time in L.A.~!), and I think it's pretty impressive considering I only gave about a bit more than a day of notice to everyone. ^^;

The meetup was held at Scotland Yard, a nice/chill pub/restaurant downtown. Discovered it when Conan visited from L.A., thought it'd be a cool place for a meet~

Scotland Yard on the Esplanade
Despite the size of the group the atmosphere at the meet was really great that day. Everyone was super friendly and cheery. (Big groups can be a little difficult to manage sometimes I think, and if people are shy they tend to just all go quiet together ._.)

I took turns going around cuz the group was just way too large for me to speak to everyone at the same time. Talked a little bit about what I'd been up to the past couple months, with photography, travelling, Suzigo, StarCraft, and other projects. Answered some questions, and also checked out cool works by others who brought their portfolios as well. I super love the setting at Scotland Yard, so here be a lot of photos~ XD

The group settling in
Adding round tables on ends because there wasn't enough room in the original table arrangement
Ted Belton's book "Where I've Been"
Cornelia Klimek's portfolio 
The group checking out some of my new works on my iPad 
More of the iPad!
Gift art from Ted. (Sorry I look creepy here T_T)

The evening went on for quite a while, before I decided to go home to get my markers for some who wanted to get their books signed, as well as pick up some postcard books for those that wanted to get a copy but didn't manage to after it became unavailable from my web store.

And while I was away they decided to fool around with my camera. >_>

And at one point... someone documented the camera was being touched by everyone.

Photo by phoenixleo

Was actually pretty funny, so I decided to take a couple more shots :D

With some of the girls
And the obligatory group photo

That'd be all from me, thank you everyone for coming and it was really really great meeting all of you!! <3

Do also check out the posts by PhoenixleoTed Belton and Tiffany S as well, they have pretty photos too~ :D

Gonna watch Space Battleship Yamato tomorrow! (Even though all I really care about is a live-action Gundam movie ;_;)