In Black and White

Photography: Zhang Jingna
Styling: Mildred von Hildegard
Hair/Makeup: Lindsey Rivera
Model: Natalia Bonifacci/Ford LA
Photo Assistants: Jung Kim, Xun Chi
Clothes from Mother of London

Did this the day before I left Los Angeles last December. I'm so happy the team managed to come together to photograph these new pieces from Mildred's collection, you guys are all so awesome~~ Special thanks to Charlene at Ford for being such a sweetheart! <3

Some behind the scenes photos by Jung Kim taken while we were getting ready --

Checking out the pieces with Mildred as we plan out the looks. Omg my hair used to be so long o_o

Lindsey's serious face as she gets Natalia ready~ Love her~

And last but not least some outtakes I really liked --

If you haven't figured out yet this was done outdoors with natural light. 
I've always wanted do it, carry my backdrop set and shoot with it outdoors one day. Kinda like a little kid's wish hahaha. 
And since I was packing up to move, I figured why not just do it. So on the day of shoot we lugged everything out to the little park across from my apartment complex and set up there. :D The wind got super strong at one point and it tore through the backdrop all the way across, we had to tape it back up and it was really ghetto haha. Was all good fun though, I was really happy. Thank you everyone for all the amazing memories~ 

In other news, New York has been awesome! My producer has been keeping me busy with loads of meetings and shoots. There are so many amazing talents and girls and clothes and everyone's so nice ;_;

Also also! It's Singapore Day this Saturday! FREE HAWKER FOOD. I REALLY want to go but I'll be shooting, so if you're in NY please do go on my behalf (10.30am-6pm at Prospect Park, Brooklyn) and have some awesome Singapore food! Read more about it here.