The Problem With Doing Editorials

I'm not sure if anyone else gets this too, but these days I find myself really reluctant in posting editorial works I've done.

Unless it's within a month's time of when something was shot and still fresh, by the time 3 or more months of waiting has passed before it gets published, I'd have lost all interest and just no longer feel like posting the images anymore because they feel "old". (And this wait is usually inevitable because it is the norm to shoot at least 2-3 months ahead of publication dates.)

And because lately I've been making fashion tests my personal work, they end up being editorial submissions more often than not and get put on hold for releasing as well.

So in the end I don't really find myself having anything to post at all, because I've came into such a habit of not really enjoying posting something that no longer feels new and exciting to me. And it's really an issue because it just makes it seem like I'm not shooting at all? Not true!

I guess it applies to other commissioned work too, does anyone else have the problem? How do you overcome it?

(Also I don't want to sound ungrateful but my Instagram photos having twice the number of Likes compared to my photography work, and it kind of puts a dent in my self-esteem for my pictures sometimes cuz it's like, I'll think, oh no, maybe I'm just doing really bad/mediocre work and my fans don't like them at all. T_T Ahhhh.)