Motherland Chronicles #4 - The Waiting

Motherland Chronicles #4 - The Waiting

Photography: Jingna Zhang
Hair/Makeup: Lindsey Rivera
Model: Giuliana/Ford L.A.
Photo Assistant: Xun Chi
Outfit from Max Tan

Los Angeles, 2010

Week 4!! From the archives because no timeeeee. Can't believe I've even managed to keep up with this crazy schedule. I mean, weekly personal work posts, I haven't managed this since my first year! And that's like 7 years ago now. Allow me to be proud of myself please. .___.

I've to apparently block in "Off Day" in my calendar because I'm incapable of keeping track when the last time I took a day off was.

Also also, my new intern is starting this week!!! I can hopefully finally stop writing emails till 8pm before I can have dinner and start retouching. So looking forward.