Motherland Chronicles #5 - The Fifth

Motherland Chronicles #5

Photography: Jingna Zhang
Makeup: Fumiaki Nakagawa
Model: Kristi Wilson @ Q Management
Photo Assistants: Ngoc Vu, Bitna Kim, Tiffany Liu 

Headpiece and choker by Harlequin Romantique
Gold necklace by nOir Jewelry

Cuz, you know, one can never have too much Amano influence in their work. :D 

Been so busy shooting and producing. I want a good solid day off with 0 work :( 

Managed to squeeze in time and watch Guilty Crown while retouching photos though. The first half is like a mishmash of all the popular animes of late 1990 to early 2000's, then suddenly it's like the writer fell in love with Game of Thrones and decided IT'S KILLING TIME! And my fragile child heart whimpered as characters started dying one after another, like, woah. Was pretty cool in the end I guess, I wish I could read books while retouching. ._. 
Going to Heart of the Swarm launch event in Irvine this weekend!! Thank you so much Blizzard and Day9 for the invite, I'm so excited!!! :3