Motherland Chronicles #8 - Underwater

Motherland Chronicles #8 - Underwater

Photography/Model: Jingna Zhang
Assistant: Abby Lim

I had a shot all planned out last week, and then for some reason I dug this up instead.

I'm not sure I can explain my obsession with water lately, it's like a terrible craving I can't control and I just keep being drawn to all my old pictures with water in them. It's crazy.

This was taken the first time I went to Lijiang. Abby and I stayed at Banyan Tree, there was an open-air jacuzzi in the yard of our villa, and because I can't resist doing shoots wherever I go, even on a true holiday, I did this.

In other news, you will soon see the result of my Fujiwara Kaoru-inspired shoot from late last year. Both the pic and the influences it has on my fashion work so far this year. I'm quite pleased with myself for it haha.

And last but not least, packages incoming for Motherland Chronicles! Here's a hint.