Savage Universal Sponsorship

Hi everyone! Today, I am happy to share the news that I am now proudly sponsored by Savage Universal, a worldwide leader in backdrops and photographic products.

Since moving to New York at the end of last year, Savage has been my brand of choice as I rebuilt my inventory in the new city. Their abundant selection of backdrops are great to work with, and has become an essential part of my studio.

I am very excited about the possibilities this partnership will bring to my future work. As it is, you have probably already seen some examples of the products I've tried out in Motherland Chronicles:

"Raven Girl", taken against Savage Monsoon Collapsible Backdrop
"Winterland Fairytales II", on Savage Monsoon Collapsible Backdrop
"Lily II", on Savage Black Collapsible Backdrop

And fashion work too:

Fashion Gone Rogue Editorial, on Savage Black Seamless Paper
Sarah Dobson, on Savage Thunder Gray Seamless Paper
Factice Magazine #19 cover, on Savage Fashion Gray Seamless Paper

I love grays and black and white, they are so versatile for color-toning in commercial work, but there's just something a bit more genuine to the picture when you shoot with a color. I can't wait to try the new backdrops I'll be receiving soon. Stay tuned! :D

Find out more about Savage Universal on their website and check out the full press release here.

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