Patreon September Topics Preview ✨

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As some of you know, I've been doing content over on Patreon for a while now. Since this blog's migration from blogger to my homepage, I've been meaning to keep up with updating a little more again. So from here on I will try to post a bit whenever I can, even if it's just letting you know what I'm up to over on Pateron. :D 

With Patreon, I do a monthly rewards pack. It's a bit like Kickstarter, except happening at an ongoing basis. Through the month I share tips, thoughts, and behind-the-scenes of what I'm working on. At the end of each month, I do more lengthy posts and videos with a rewards pack for all backers. 

For September, the rewards are below: 

+1 Prints store promo code

+ All Item above
+ 1 photo article/video: How to convey shoot concepts to your team
+ 1 retouching demo: Post-processing tips and tricks in Lightroom

+ All items above
+ 1 pro article: How I quote and what I charge for jobs
+ 1 session special: Open Q&A

+ All items above
+ 1 fancy mini print, your pick
*$35 tier will receive one print for every 2 months pledged. 

To check out past rewards archives, see here. To become a patron, check out my Patreon

As always, big thank you to my patrons for supporting and making these content possible! ❤️❤️❤️