I'm 30!

Birthday self portrait! ✨

Birthday self portrait! ✨

It’s my birthday today! Can’t believe I’ve turned 30 now! It seems like not that long ago when I first picked up photography, but it’s actually been exactly 12 years now. 

When I look back I think I’ve managed to have quite an amazing time, something that I never imagined could be possible when I quit air rifle after doing it for 6 years. But hey, if every career is 6-12 years, we can fit quite a few into our lives ya?

Nothing is the end. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Fail hard, quit, and try some more.

I dropped out of school twice, quit my SC2 team and startup, quit and came back to photography, so so many times. And somehow, I’m still hanging in there, or turned out fine as some would say. 😂

Never stop and never give up on yourself! Keep trying and keep failing and then try again.

So long as you do things passionately, determinedly and seriously, it’s worth it. It’s always worth it. 

I hope I can keep going, too. Thank you for another year on my photography journey. ✨

Photo: Jingna Zhang
Makeup: Tatyana Harkoff
Assist: Phuong My, Tobias Kwan