Short Film: L'Odyssée de Cartier


Last week I was invited to the press premiere of Cartier's short film: L'Odyssée de Cartier. I could hardly contain my excitement after receiving the press package with screenshots because it looked so so so so promising. The film has been launched now and you can view it on Youtube here:

Couple stills from the opening scene:

Beautiful isn't it? It's filled with so much fantasy and beauty you can't possibly feel disappointed because it's just so absolutely breathtaking beyond words. Also helps that the panther (a real one), is so so good looking.

We received a book on the project after the screening, in which each scene was explained, with its story and significance in the history of Cartier.

Each highlight had its own envelope and in it, an introduction, old photos, drawings, pamphlets, posters -- so exquisite you feel like you have a small piece of the Cartier archives with you. It's a super sweet touch.

This book is filled with so much awesome content I love it to bits. T_T

In closing, thank you Cartier for inviting me and sharing with us this beautiful cinematic work of art.

Theatres in Singapore will start showing this 3.5min short film prior to some movies at Cathay cinemas, Shaw Lido, and Golden Village Vivo. Hope you guys will enjoy seeing it on the large screen too~

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 - Awakening of the Trailblazer

I was so excited when I found out that Singapore is the first country to be showing the new Gundam 00 movie outside Japan. On the same day as the Japanese premier no less. I haven't been excited about a movie in a long time and I was really looked forward to seeing this.

The show opened with some unexpectedly hilarious moments, I enjoyed all the rest of it, tightly packed, good music and all. With except a small nagging feeling that the climax wasn't as impactful as I had hoped it would be, it's really not terrible, I guess I just wished for more.

The ending was a tad abrupt, I was almost disappointed for a moment, but it eventually wrapped up beautifully with an omake after the credits at the very end. 

"Peace cannot be achieved by force. It can only be attained by understanding each other. "

I've always loved quotes from the Gundam series. The talks of war, peace and belief always makes me think that life is so much larger than just an individual of self, yet at the same time, I can make a difference in this gargantuan place by doing my best, no matter how small my actions are.

It was probably from being obsessed with Gundam Wing as a child, the things it taught me so deeply ingrained in me now -- hope, belief, persistence; existence, protect, future.

So perhaps it's only me, but watching the 00 movie was really inspiring and motivating all over again.

PS: Setsuna's all grown up (and hot) now. Totally saw some Heero moments in there.

Ichi Soundtrack, I has it.

I really wanted to watch the movie when they screened it during the Japan Film Fest here in Singapore, but alas time didn't permit, so I was really happy to have the opportunity to see it a couple weeks back.

Totally fell in love with the scores during the show, this makes the first CD I'd bought in a very long time. I wouldn't say the movie's so incredible that I'd rave it as a must-watch, but it was enjoyable enough and Haruka Ayase was super badass, I think that more than makes it for me. :D :D :D

Here's the trailer:

While combing through pictures for my upcoming exhibitions I stumbled upon this really really old set of pictures I did with Arissa back in 2007. It was for my submission for the Liquid City anthology put together by Sonny Liew, but as life would have it, with my non-existent story-telling skills, it just didn't happen the way I wanted and I dropped out much to Sonny's dismay.

But for some reason, when I looked through the set again for the nth time yesterday, it suddenly dawned on me that Arissa was extremely beautiful in those pictures. Incredibly, breathtakingly beautiful.

Like, I mean, incredible.

So I tried processing the images a little, and it was like watching a miracle unfold.

I found it so unbelievable how I'd never seen those photographs before, and had a major wtf moment that lasted pretty much the whole day as I tried coming to terms with the discovery.

Point is, it makes me very happy to have wonderful unpublished images to add to the collection I'd be presenting for my show in June at the Japan Creative Center. I may include 1-2 of them as previews during the April show for Fashion Fest which has yet to be finalized as I'm not sure of the installation arrangements yet.

The whole episode really cheered me up from this minor depression I'd been having about my work. Now I'm just stressed out over whether to go to London for a job this month or not. Long flights really, really make me ill.

I swear I was going to sleep early. But unexpected events roll themselves out at... unexpected times.

So I got sentimental and started surfing around for old PVs, and eventually trailers of movies I'd watched before.

Came across a subbed version of Soundtrack (starring Sugizo) and thought about rewatching it even though I'd lost count of the number of times I had seen it. The DVD was sub-less too, so the idea of knowing the story a little better is very tempting.

Nothing beats Sugizo playing the violin in awesomely romantic setting. *sighs in bliss*

Okay, sleep. Bed. Now.


Watched the screening of Sakuran with Skan and Derek from IFS.

Really really nice. I love Mika Ninagawa's directions, so distinctively her.

The goldfish kept making me think of Dave McKean even though it's different. Hahaha.

Anna Tsuchiya is love.

Someone at the screening thought zemotion was a guy. =_=

As for my exhibition...

The exhibition website is here:

and also, on Facebook Events.



The movie's brilliant, what can I say. To the point I was grinning from ear to ear when leaving the cinema feeling like the happiest person on earth.

OF course, aside from the fact that I thought the poster was mildly disappointing, Neil Gaiman is a complete genius, and I'd probably die to shoot for one of his works one day (if they get made into films again), the pacing's great, the cast was good, the sets are so photoshootable, the scores unbelievably loving. No fault really. (It's also possible that I'm just overwhelmed because it's Neil Gaiman, then again, my best friend agreed the movie was good, he's generally a person who usually says good things are only alright)

It's a really short entry, I know I haven't updated much but there, this deserves an entry on it's own.