My Life of Anime/Manga Hair

I blew my own mind last night.

How'd I never notice this?
3 years ago
5 years ago

I'd really been wearing my hair like Anotsu. For most of my life. Wut.

2009, an Aya moment.
There was even a bit of Zechs last year.
And at some point of time I resembled a girl.
But I once had same cut and even parting as Akira, when I was seven.


I don't even. 

This discovery was only made possible with a combination of having my Motherland Chronicles things open while chatting with someone about Anotsu and Aya.

All of a sudden I saw the resemblance from the 1st pic, a styling test for week 2, sitting innocently in the background. I had to do a double take because, WHAT IS THIS? WE HAVE THE SAME HAIR. THE LONG SIDE BANGS THING. MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS. AND. AND ME TOO. WHAT.

I don't know how I'd never noticed this ever.

Random nights are random.