Elle Vietnam: Elle Best Looks

Elle Best Looks
Elle Vietnam, May 2014

Photography: Zhang Jingna zemotion
Stylist: Phuong My
Editor: Quy Nguyen
Hair: Cash Lawless @ The Magnet Agency
Makeup: Deanna Melluso @ The Magnet Agency
Set Designer: Francesca Signori
Manicurist: Gerry Holford @ Artmix Beauty
Model: Isabelle Nicolay @ Supreme
Photo Assistants: Ngoc Vu, Julia Gorbach, Demi Chen
Stylist Assistant: Kade Henderson

New editorial for Spring/Summer! :D 

We wanted to echo the theme of each brand's runway from the season for this story. Floor and props were prepared during the days leading up to the shoot then assembled together on the day itself. All done in my apartment! Thank you team for the awesome job and being patient, and Isabelle for being so beautiful~ ♥

Elle Singapore: The Secretary

Elle Singapore, July 2011

Fashion Direction: Daphne Chen
Photography: Zhang Jingna

Hair: Kenneth Ong using Redken
Makeup: Joey Chan using Chanel
Nails: Olive Zhang/PINC Northpoint using OPI
Photo Assistant: Jet Han, Dawn Poh
Styling Assistant: Lita Lee
Model: Ksenia V/AVE

One of the funnest shoots ever. We literally laughed our way through the whole set. I would be saying things like, "Be sexy! ... Be a little crazy! ... Put the paper clip in your hair!" And Daphne will start laughing at me for the silly way I give my directions and then everyone else will end up laughing along. As the shoot went on we made up little stories for each scenario of why Ksenia would be doing what she's doing and it was super hilarious.

I feel really fortunate to be able to work with such a brilliant team once again. After meeting up to brainstorm the concept together, Daphne literally pulled all the props on set together within two days of the shoot when people would usually need at least a week. Thank you Daphne for being awesome.

I hope you guys like the pictures~ <3

Also, as some of you are probably aware... I don't update the blog as much these days (because by the time I find time for something it's like... 5 months old). I however update little things as stuff happen on Facebook and Twitter so do follow~!

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Elle Singapore - Swept Away

Swept Away
Elle Singapore, Dec 2010

Fashion Direction: Daphne Chen
Photography: Zhang Jingna

Photography Assistant: Karin Xiao
Styling Assistant: Rueban S
Hair: Ken Hong/Evolve Salon
Makeup: Elaine Décor
Nails: OPI/Forum Galleria OPI Centre
Model: Sasha Luss/Ave

This shoot was done just before I left Singapore. Daphne was a sweetheart to work with and it was really a great experience. We clicked right away and I found it super easy to suggest ideas for the concept. We also made the effort to cast models and do fabric shopping together. :D

I took some behind the scenes video but I have too little patience and knowledge when it comes to editing, and StarCraft II seems like such a better way to spend my time in comparison, so maybe next time~~ :D