Fallen in Tandem

Dolls: 恋月姫 Koitsukihime
Outfit: Alice Auaa
Photography: Zhang Jingna

Was going through the archives yesterday. So so many pictures. This was memorable shoot that I thought I should have posted about but didn't, so here are a few images, also included some outtakes.

It is among one of the photoshoots done in Tokyo last year for Gothic & Lolita Bible. The outfits (there was a black set as well) were made especially for these 90cm-tall Siamese twins dolls for this photo story. I thought that was pretty epic considering Alice Auaa's brand name and all. And of course the opportunity I was presented with for this special collaboration.

The set-up, handling and atmosphere of the whole shoot was kinda tense and stressful. The porcelain dolls cost more than three times my Canon 1Ds MarkIII, and outfit and set changing took more than hours with four people at it. I was also incredibly worried that Koitsukihime would have problems with the images, so in the end it was really a great relief to find everyone involved liking the photographs.

Koitsukihime's dolls are really one of a kind, so so extremely beautiful. It was said that Tim Burton really liked Koitsukihime's dolls too. Alas, I would love to own one myself one day too.

The Banquet

Gothic & Lolita Bible #34

Editor: Toshie Mihashi
Photography: Zhang Jingna
Photo assistant: Chris Wolf
Hair&Make-up: Shunichi Kawada
Models: Cay, Kazumi, Karina, Uri, Chikage, Runa

I have to say, this was one of my most fascinating shoots to date, with the most epic behind-the-scenes photograph (the first pic. I wish that went into print, haha).

I'm proud to have sorta designed the set for the final epic shot too. =D

It was shot at Vampire Cafe in Ginza, Tokyo. Too bad the shoot overran into their opening hours (5pm?) and we had to pack up, or we could have tried the food. ;_;

I love the hair and makeup to pieces. All done by Kawada-san alone, including the hair props/accessories. When we have fashion shoots we usually have one hair stylist to a model, or two. He did ALL SIX on his own, PLUS the makeup. How frigging awesome is that??!!!

I haven't gotten my copy of the mag so I'll add up the models names later, when I find out. ^^;

And just a few more around the last shot. Please pardon the lack of variation.

It's pretty amazing... Isn't it? To think how back in those days, we'd actually flip through this very magazine together.

It's strange how I never quite wrapped my mind around the concept that, one day, eventually, I will be older than you.

Never quite thought about how life was going to be beyond that point, yet here we are.

This is for you, L. Happy birthday.