I'd been a good girl and kept myself busy with DI.

Managed to progress to October 08's photos (skipped some from Apr and Sept because they're too tedious, I'd come back to them later), I hope I can be done with Dec's images by the end of this month, it makes me feel like I'm in debt or something. Blah.

I'd also been very busy resisting the urge to purchase a Williams.

Because, during Tim and Ling's wedding --

Oh yes, Chijmes was beautiful

and Ling was beautiful~

-- I sat next to Dawn, who just wouldn't stop showing me photos of Williams. And as I'd been telling myself, for the last 4 years, regarding SDs -- I. Must. Resist.

Moving on, at my table:

Kaori and friend

Joie-hime, who sang Over the Rainbow and Fly me to the Moon, you are teh awesome, darling.

And at some point of time there began The Adventures of Panda the Hat.

Dawn - who thought she looked good in it.

Isabel - the Moe! Panda.

Shaoyang - the Dawn-just-admit-it-looks-better-on-everyone-else Panda.

And me, the supposed Angst! Panda in Black Peace Now, but I prefer Serious-Business! Panda, and demonstrated The Way to Camwhore with a DSLR™, with Panda the Hat.

That's all for now. And um, yes, I chopped my bangs. XDDD

Interview with Youth.SG

Youth.SG: To give up fame and glory for a dream

My favourite article as of late~ :3

For some other recent ones you can always check out the index.

funny random convo with long-time kgs friend eat, from the singapore room:

me: eat eat~! come for my exhibition!!
eat: where is it?
me: Singapore, of course
eat: hahaha when is it on?
me: Sept 12-23rd
eat: hahaha let me get my axe out
jingna: lol what?
eat: start building my boat yeah
eat: 2 days to build it
eat: 10 days to row to singapore
me: ....
me: heck of a row there.
eat: ahaha so what you exhibiting?
me: ..........................................

*is hurt*

Been talking to quite a few people on CGHUB. People from Sheridan are so so funny, it's not funny anymore.

I just totally made no sense. Hahaha.

Lolita is not Cosplay


Plugging for Zeng, who shamelessly spammed me at 2am while I am trying to type my thank you essay (painfully) for my photobook. Booo.

Oh well, but it's cute so he is forgiven. See more at Ah girl and monkey.

Received a call today from the UK informing me that I'd won a Silver and two Bronzes at the British Professional Photography Awards.

So yes, I'd be flying to London again this Oct. It'd be nice to take a break after the exhibition madness, even though I have Bangkok at the end of Sept (and I will get to see Lee Sedol. *swoons*). Hahaha.

I just wish it's somewhere less expensive, at least if it was Tokyo, I can blow my savings on Alice Auaa with a meaning. Ahhhhhh~~ I don't even remember how St John's Wood was like anymore.


A rare rare group photo after shoot, taken last Thursday.

Front from left: Octavia, Joyce, Jingna, Esther
Back from left: Luda, Yin Qi, Furqan, Larry, Renee

Vanity shot for Furqan, with gorgeous gorgeous shades from Maison Martin Margiela. I think it's about SG$900. o_O;

And Headphones are Stylish reborn with more colours and a chicken wing.

Why am I still up?

I needs life aside from work. Boohoo.

Streetfest D'J Party 2008

Highlight of the day has to be the closing band put together by members from the organizing committee.

They were really awesome, super tight. The best in a long long long long long long time.

To my surprise I met the bassist and drummer from my first band. I still remember, that it was on hide's deathday (I didn't know it back then, of course), that I went to Davis with my bassist to buy his first bass. Then headed over to our guitarist's place, I was shown Endless Rain's scores to sight read on a small keyboard that didn't have enough keys. It was the look of joy in their eyes that I decided I'd play. That's when and where I started listening to X Japan. They'd came a long way~

D'J Party itself, well... it's just not quite the same being held in Suntec. Somehow I miss the days of defuse, genexis, l'zefier, amethyst... ah this is random.

Here, from left to right. You have an extremely loving looking zemotion, a DDDDDD: faced Kagetsuki, and a I-has-parasol-desu Dawn.

The picture makes absolutely no sense, but it's cute methinks. Although I've to admit that I wish I looked more dynamic than, of all things, loving. That's just damn freaking wrong for my image. D:


Happy Valentine's day~ This is pure moitie love you see, these iron gates cost a bomb, and we all love them.

I also realize it's the 15th in SG time, but what the heck~ XDDD

Been asked to give a talk about my sporting career at TJC. It was so funny I totally didn't know how to say no.

Shot today, spent most of the time sitting on the edge of a scaffolding, fearing i'd either fall off or drop the digital back. I'm probably more afraid of the latter.

So so tired. Shooting again later. Will go see a dentist on Saturday. I'm somehow falling very very ill everywhere after I started work. Gah.

Ah back to my pictures, so many deadlines. ;_;