FILLER Magazine: Full of Grace

Full of Grace
FILLER Magazine, Summer 2013

Photography: Zhang Jingna
Styling: Alicia Simpson
Art Direction: Ryan Johnson
Hair & Makeup: Anna Nenoiu @ Page One Management
Model: Kenley @ Elmer Olsen Models
Photo Assistants: Ben Von Wong, Sam Tsang 

Haven't done location work in a long long time, it was fun! :D Many thanks to my awesome team for putting up with me and the great work all round, especially Ben and Sam for lugging all that lights with us the whole day! And also my lovely Canadian agent Suzy Johnston for the support and encouragement from start to end!

Motherland Chronicles #17 - Calypso

Motherland Chronicles #17 - Calypso

Photography/Art: Zhang Jingna
Hair & Makeup: Anna Nenoiu @ Page One Management
Model: Kenley @ Elmer Olsen Model Management
Photo Assistant: Ben Wong
Choker and body chain from Harlequin Romantique

I'm in Toronto!

So originally I wasn't really sure what I was going to do for this week, but the morning of this shoot Jeff Simpson randomly messaged me to say someone commented on one of his paintings and noted how the character resembled me a little. It was something done after we hung out in Montreal a couple years back, it got me thinking about his work (which I love!) so I decided to attempt this week's picture in his style and even got some advice too. :D

And I finally got to use this majestic choker/body chain piece from Harlequin Romantique! I approached Julee at the beginning of Motherland Chronicles and invited her to collaborate. This was one of the few pieces designed specifically for the project and honestly, words cannot express how perfect this is. (You might remember week 2's Winterland Fairytales self portrait, the headpiece was by her too!)

And of course there's also my awesome Toronto team, the beautiful Kenley who agreed to stay and model for my personal work after a long day of location fashion shoot, and Anna Nenoiu's brilliant makeup, pure magic. And my agency pal Ben Wong for assisting!! Flying hair was all him.

And and! Boobies! I haven't done anything that shows nipples since Celosia (4 years), expect more nudity coming up for Motherland Chronicles to make up for all these years lost! :D