Japan Part III: Day 8-12 Kyoto-Hakone-Tokyo

Day 8: Temples

Koryuji Temple.

It's famous for a large wooden statue of the "Miroku-Bosatsu" which was designated as the first national treasure in Japan. It's also the oldest temple in Yamashiro, Kyoto. Couldn't take photos inside the hall, but, I loved the place for the gardens. So so so so beautiful. ;_;

I wish I brought my camera. D:

Ninna-ji. The temple boasts a collection of more than 600 treasures, which can be seen at Reiho-kan twice every year, April-May and October-November. (So yeah, I didn't see any, except for the temple's unique low-branched sakura trees called Omuro Cheery T_T) It's also a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site~ (reading from pamphlet ha)

Well, I think the photos aren't quite enough but, yes, it's super beautiful~ T_T

And Abby demonstrates her awesome self portrait skillz (with her point and shoot, I can do it with a DSLR hey~).


Didn't take as many photos there... was a bit tired and too crowded. And well.. it was under renovation. ~_~

Headed back into the city after a while and went down to Teramachi Street.

Had awesome parfaits~

Day 9-10: Photoshoot #3

Well, Kami-sama decided he didn't love me as much that day. So with every element in the photoshoot possible working against me, model's flight, styling, makeup, hair... oh and the weather, having us nearly freezing to death, there weren't really any photographs. We did have lots of fun being silly though. Just a pity it was one of the photoshoots that I'd really been looking forward to...

On the way back.

Round 1 of more-parfaits-to-reward-ourselves-for-a-day-of-hardwork. XD

Headed back to Tokyo the next day, but before that, Chris and I stopped by an awesome dessert place in Gion.

Matcha+azuki crepe. Awesome is awesome. Suuupperrrrrrrr delicious can~ ;_;

Back in Tokyo, I found awesome green tea cream puff. It's seasonal~! I wanted to bring some back home but the freaking thing expires in a day. @!(*&$)@%

Day 11-12: Hakone

Walked around Hakone Yumeto station just a little bit to buy my Himitsu Bako (Japanese Puzzle Box). It's a specialized art in Hakone (and I'm currently having an obsession with it)

The himitsu bako unopened.

And opened. :D This is the 12-move puzzle box, I also bought a 21-move one later on at the airport.

The view nearing our ryokan.

View from our room. I absolutely loved the pine in front of us, hearing the streams was super serene.

Kaiseki dinner. :3

Met up with Chris back in Tokyo the next day to head for the airport.

Found this at the Lawson there. It's a seasonal item again~ I'd love the Morinaga milk puddings since day one, finding a matcha flavoured one was just pure bliss.

Well and with that... we'd come to the end of my trip. I... I... wanna go back to Kyoto again~!! ;_;

But umm. I am heading back to Tokyo again end of this month to early May for the X Japan concert... =X

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Japan Part II: Day 5-7 Tokyo-Kyoto

Forgot to add that I went to see the Daibutsu at Kamakura on Day 4. Here's an additional photo. We also had really nice ice cream there~~ XD

Day 5: Ginza + Akihabara

I generally try not to schedule shoots back to back for the sole reason of needing time for recovery... since I had super little rest the night before, I slept in and missed the trip to Tsukiji in the morning. ;_;

Got up around noon-ish. Walked through Ginza, but didn't really do much. Bought a nice white file from Ginza Hands (Tokyu Hands). It's really really pretty ._.

Had our late lunch there too~

Then headed off to Akibahara.

I bought a few books, but I mailed them back so I haven't got photos of them...

Also bought a 70-200 f2.8L lens from Yodobashi. Ahh I just love long lenses so much.

If only they weren't so damn heavy... (and expensive?) Argh.

Super awesome okonomiyaki for dinner~

Day 6: Ohanami~

Went to watch cherry blossoms at 小石川後楽園 in the late morning, they were selling amazake at the place!!! I was so happy because I really wanted to have it again after trying the last time (at Arashiyama ;_;)

Made a point to go to Laforet in the afternoon, it's like, my compulsory shopping stop.

And totally overspent there.

I'd been eyeing Gadget Grow ever since the first time I entered Laforet. I can finally sort of afford to buy something from there. My spending plan for GG was one top and one accessory, but I ended up getting 3 tops and a wallet. D:

But oh I love their stuff so much ;_;

Shopping is sin~ T___T

It has totally taken over Alice Auaa's #1 spot not just because I love their designs, but also because of the fact that they actually fit me pretty well. I have to admit, thought, it's simply because Alice Auaa's pieces have cuttings meant for petite Japanese girls... and I am able to fit Gadget Grow's stuff well because it's a menswear label. *sighs*

Day 7: to Kyoto

Met up with Rimfrost and saintsazzle from dA in the morning. They're from Norway. :3

Chris and I brought them to Ueno Park~ We had a very very short hanami, but it was lovely. (Chris makes an awesome tourguide desu)

Headed off to Kyoto in the afternoon.

By the time we reached and settled in it was pretty late already, so nothing much went on for the rest of the day, other than meeting up with my assistant Abby for dinner, who arrived in Kyoto a day before.

The streets of Kyoto at night... so very nostalgic.

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Japan Mar-Apr 09 Part I

I haven't had a single chance to go through photos from Japan properly till I started having a little breathing space to procrastinate from work today. (Well I did post some others earlier on, but those were already more or less done while I was there).

This was taken at some point of time when I was touring Kyoto with Derek.

It's still a strange feeling to have someone back after they'd been gone for 5 years... completely foreign to me since no one I know ever came back. But ah well, it's nice. :3

Did a beauty shoot yesterday, I'd meant to not shoot this week since I have loads of deadlines, but it just suddenly hit me and I had to do it... Impulsive I know, but at least we have nice and refreshing photos for a change. :D I spent some 60-70bucks on flowers. I spent a lot on flowers lately O_o...

Tokyo Day 10-12

I'm feeling really too tired to blog... but I have to because, forget h.Naoto, today, I own my first piece of Alice Auaa.

Alice Auaa.

Ok I know no one's excited except for me. But nevermind, I shall recap from before.

Day 10


Shot in the morning. Halfway through doing her makeup Flood of Rain's Dance of Bullets came up and she asked, "Is that Gackt?" I almost laughed and said no. The same thing happened today while doing makeup for Sawaka too. Hahaha.

After the shoot we headed to Shinjuku together, to get some makeup for her, and more naoto for myself.

HN+DIE belt, h.Anarchy top, h.Naoto Blood floor length skirt.

See I said h.Naoto is the reason I live in Tokyo. Lalala~

Looked over some pictures and tried desperately to start replying emails. Prepare for my trip back to Kyoto.

Day 11: Back to Kyoto

For shopping, yes. And only that one purpose. Since it's the last day of my JR pass anyway ahhaa.
Saw on my way out of the train station. I thought it was awesomely cute.

On my way to Toji Temple. :3

Temple grounds~! A looooot of people.

Pretty, serene place if you pretend the crowd wasn't there.

Waiting for my okobo~

And then, and then, i bought a lot of stuff. But they're all in the luggage and I'm too lazy to take pictures. XD
Randomess taken on the Shinkansen on the way back to Tokyo.

The view that greeted me when I came out from the train station near my apartment.

Pretty yes?

Day 12


I was told that she was in Amazing Race Asia 2, but I have no idea because I don't watch TV, I do know however that she's a really nice girl. XD

After the shoot we headed to Shinjuku (sounds familiar huh hahaha), I bought a HN+nois carrier because I brought no bags with me to Tokyo.

Onward to Harajuku.

Bought Siam Shade V from Richards. Purely for "Tears I Cried". The other songs are nice too, of course.

Superduper gorgeous choker from Black Peace Now.

And tie from BPN too~
Moi-même-Moitié Rozenkreuz onepiece for Kagetsuki. This kind of spending is sinful to me.


And... and... and...

My Alice Auaa choker~!!
Close up.

And closer.

See the signature, it's so damn freaking gorgeous.

Of course the leather is super comfy too.



Ahh even though I couldn't afford anything else from Alice Auaa, this is something. *cries*

Went to Laforet after that... somehow h.Naoto's current stuff are just kind of... disappointing. The only ones I liked were 30,000++ yen so I didn't bother trying.

Spent quite a while in BPN, I think it's only today that I truly realize how exquisite some of their stuff are made. Their linings are so well done I could have caressed the seams all day long just to feel the perfection. Ahhhhhh...~~

Okay that's all for now. Has time been passing fast or slow I wonder. I'd been doing more than I usually have (especially shopping wise), I guess it's not that bad. XD

Day 6-8: Kyoto

Ahhh so. The last 3 days had been... really nice. Despite all the failures with the photoshoots. (It's a long story, but nevermind, hahaa)

Day 6: To Kyoto

Went to Kyoto with my friend Derek and his mum. Breakfast was at some cafe while waiting for our Shinkansen. This is like, 800+yens. I freaking wanted to cry and tell my friend's mum and say nooooo auntie we cannoooooooot eat this. It is siinnn to spend so much (especially since she offered to treat it). Yeah so I'm a cheapo, but such a lifestyle isn't really to be afforded for a 1.5months stay. T_T

In the cab on the way to our hotel. We were pinned for time and were late in meeting my model.

And then after all that rushing, we got to the maiko makeover studio, only to find out that we aren't allowed inside, not even to pick the kimono.

So... Derek and I bought some food and ate by the river sitting under a bridge. Ahhh how touristy. Hahaha.

We walked back to our hotel after the shoot. It gets dark fairly early here in Japan, but Kyoto a little later than Tokyo it seems. Went shopping in the evening, with really really really limited time.

Dinner was awesome(ly expensive). The anago's about the best I'd had. Ahh now I can forget about ever wanting to eat unagi again.

Day 7: Arashiyama

Some mountain a bit of distance away from Kyoto itself... took a train to and a boat back to the train station to see the scenery. Had some really nice shots of random white ume.

Headed back to the hotel in the evening to give me more shopping time.

Dinner was still awesome. :3

Since all the shops closed at 8, Derek and I went walking to Gion after dinner. It was really late already, and we walked really slow. Hahaa. Then we saw 4 geishas and a maiko, their hair were so so so so beautiful I was so moved I was going to cry. There were a couple guys, the paying customer was probably super drunk he allowed this foreigner who was standing around to take photos of the geishas and even offered to take for him lol.

Day 8: Back to Tokyo

Was supposed to shoot with another girl in the morning, but her husband is suddenly in some million yen debt and she'd no idea what to do so she couldn't shoot with us. Scary..~ -_-;;;

We made use of the time to go back shopping for kimonos instead, and managed to get 2 wearable furisodes and 1 obi, 1 cord.

Yay so far so good. I'm just thinking, maybe I'd kind of over-packed myself this month.

I'm not in a mood to go through pictures taken with the digital camera yet, so bear with these iphone pics first. XD