Motherland Chronicles #8 - Underwater

Motherland Chronicles #8 - Underwater

Photography/Model: Jingna Zhang
Assistant: Abby Lim

I had a shot all planned out last week, and then for some reason I dug this up instead.

I'm not sure I can explain my obsession with water lately, it's like a terrible craving I can't control and I just keep being drawn to all my old pictures with water in them. It's crazy.

This was taken the first time I went to Lijiang. Abby and I stayed at Banyan Tree, there was an open-air jacuzzi in the yard of our villa, and because I can't resist doing shoots wherever I go, even on a true holiday, I did this.

In other news, you will soon see the result of my Fujiwara Kaoru-inspired shoot from late last year. Both the pic and the influences it has on my fashion work so far this year. I'm quite pleased with myself for it haha.

And last but not least, packages incoming for Motherland Chronicles! Here's a hint.

Designaré Time: Departures by the hour - 24 hours in Lijiang according to fashion photographer Zhang Jingna

Departures by the hour, 24 hours in Lijiang according to fashion photographer Zhang Jingna
Designaré Time, 2010
Editors: Brian Kwek & Judy Cheong
Photography: Zhang Jingna

I surprised myself contributing a travel story for the inaugural issue of Designaré Time. Who'd have thought? XD

Designaré Time is an annual publication spun off from the main Designaré title, and seriously, the layout for this spread is so nice I almost couldn't recognize the images to be my photography when I first saw the PDF haha.

Isn't Lijiang so beautiful? The whole time this year I kept contemplating moving there to live for some months just to be away from the cities. But wanting to shoot in L.A. won out eventually, thou I stay faraway from L.A., enough that it's quiet too anyway hehe.

Anyway so if you run a travel magazine and need to fly someone for pictures please remember me~!!! :D :D

Talk at LCAD was great yesterday. The projector had some issues in the start but it was an enjoyable experience overall and the people and campus were wonderful.

Q&A was fun, I talked about the experience of shooting The Coldest Day and everyone had a good laugh at how stupid I was. XD They also have a small but awesome library with amazing selections, I met a girl who liked my work when we were there. She had a bunch of Yoshitaka Amano's artbooks in her hands so I related my experience of visiting Amano's home in Tokyo, it was amazing to relive those memories again.

My new editorial for Elle Singapore is out! 

PS: I also just realized my Lijiang Part II entry never came... /facepalm. One day...

Lijiang: Part I

I did a shoot with Sugizo today.

I still can't wrap my mind around the surreality of the events so I'll just do my previous travel posts first.

I'd almost forgotten how my blog looked like over the five days while in Lijiang. Almost.

I tried googling for ways to get onto all these banned sites (blogger/facebook/twitter) upon my arrival but it was just way too much work. Even when I did find ways to surf, I still couldn't login. Sighhh.

Well I guess it wasn't so bad for the blog since I would have needed to consolidate pictures anyway, just kinda annoying that I couldn't update fb and twitter as and when.

So anyway, Lijiang... I was there... on a friggin' real holiday.

It was so awesome it was kinda like, work-less (well for the most of it).

I'd been meaning to go on a holiday for a while now, but it just never really quite happened. I'm kinda glad that Abby reminded me of the supposed existence of such a intended trip one random day or I would have scheduled the whole of December for work otherwise. =_=;;

Okay anyway pictures~!

We stayed at Sleepy Inn for the first three nights. It's in Shuhe Old Town, the room's spacious, there's a skylight and we could see the moon through it in the morning.

Love the view~ :3

Went to the Liming Mountains on our first day.

Passed by the Yangtzu River First Turn (长江第一关) at Shigu mid-way. Apparently the flow of the river turns 180 degrees here, from south to north-bound.

Then to Liming Mountain~

Atop the Liming Mountain. Up and down the path we walked it supposedly totals up to some 10000 steps or so. Bad bad idea to do climbing on the first day. Reaaaallly bad. Our legs could barely move the second day onwards haha.

Ah well at least it was fun~ Headed to Lijiang Old Town for dinner.

They had so much awesome stuff but there's only so much two girls can order. Aiiiii. T_T

A whole pathway of wooden prayer plates. Really really beautiful.

I really wanna put Day 2 in this post too but I'm too sleepy. I'd just have do a very long Part II later! :D

Oh man, I'm so incredibly behind on my posts. I have like, the New York Part II, Yale Part II and all those ads and editorial and shoot posts which I'd been meaning to blog but have never got around to... I need to get over the feeling that I'm spamming my page if I update anything out of my system.

Hmm looking back, I really have a lot lesser entries this year than the last two.