Toronto Meetup

Managed to squeeze a meetup in before leaving Toronto last week. We had a record number high of people turning up (more than the time in L.A.~!), and I think it's pretty impressive considering I only gave about a bit more than a day of notice to everyone. ^^;

The meetup was held at Scotland Yard, a nice/chill pub/restaurant downtown. Discovered it when Conan visited from L.A., thought it'd be a cool place for a meet~

Scotland Yard on the Esplanade
Despite the size of the group the atmosphere at the meet was really great that day. Everyone was super friendly and cheery. (Big groups can be a little difficult to manage sometimes I think, and if people are shy they tend to just all go quiet together ._.)

I took turns going around cuz the group was just way too large for me to speak to everyone at the same time. Talked a little bit about what I'd been up to the past couple months, with photography, travelling, Suzigo, StarCraft, and other projects. Answered some questions, and also checked out cool works by others who brought their portfolios as well. I super love the setting at Scotland Yard, so here be a lot of photos~ XD

The group settling in
Adding round tables on ends because there wasn't enough room in the original table arrangement
Ted Belton's book "Where I've Been"
Cornelia Klimek's portfolio 
The group checking out some of my new works on my iPad 
More of the iPad!
Gift art from Ted. (Sorry I look creepy here T_T)

The evening went on for quite a while, before I decided to go home to get my markers for some who wanted to get their books signed, as well as pick up some postcard books for those that wanted to get a copy but didn't manage to after it became unavailable from my web store.

And while I was away they decided to fool around with my camera. >_>

And at one point... someone documented the camera was being touched by everyone.

Photo by phoenixleo

Was actually pretty funny, so I decided to take a couple more shots :D

With some of the girls
And the obligatory group photo

That'd be all from me, thank you everyone for coming and it was really really great meeting all of you!! <3

Do also check out the posts by PhoenixleoTed Belton and Tiffany S as well, they have pretty photos too~ :D

Gonna watch Space Battleship Yamato tomorrow! (Even though all I really care about is a live-action Gundam movie ;_;)

Los Angeles Meetup

I felt a little bad about not doing a meetup the last time I was in L.A., so I thought I had to do a session this time round no matter what. The turnout came to be much more than I'd expected, I think we had 21 or 22 people altogether.
The Griffith Observatory was wonderful, a bit of a pain to get to, but the view was breathtaking. 
We got a little bit lost on our way coming in from Irvine and the L.A. traffic wasn't helping it at all, I was super worried about being late. Upon my arrival however we found the attendees gathered together already, they supposedly magnetized each other somehow, hahaha. And so we took half a dozen tables in a corner at The Café at the End of the Universe and commenced. 

In my usual meetups I talk for about half the time, and the other half I reserve it for the others to talk about themselves for sometimes I find it quite inspiring to hear from others too. But I guess because the group is bigger this time everyone was kinda shy with it, so we ended up doing Q&A and me speaking for the most of it.

Was still ample fun though. Everyone was really sweet. We had people who came down from San Francisco and San Diego. I was so so touched.

And I got gifts again too. Thank you all. T__T

Happy shiny people :D

The whole group~

That little bit of white on the hilltop in the middle at the back is actually the Hollywood sign, only visible if I view this pic at 100% though.

After the meetup we headed downtown for dinner and a couple of the CGHUB peeps who came over from San Fran joined us.

It was awesome meeting everyone, and I think (hopefully? haha) we all had a good time.

I really should try to do a meetup in Singapore some day... Some day.

Some other entries on the meetup:

Heading back home tonight, I'm down with a cold and horrible migraine so I'm dreading the flight. But alas, work awaits, can't stay any longer as much as I'd love to.

Thank you L.A., and all you wonderful people who made my trip so amazing and beautiful. <3

Backlog photos and stuff

Man. Lugging 2 lights+stands+17"MBP+1Ds MIII around in this weather, alone, is no freaking joke.

So tired my whole body aches so bad.

Thus, instead of heading down to Harajuku on a seemingly gorgeous Saturday, I'm gonna stay at home and emo, so I can rest up enough and repeat the above routine for tomorrow's shoot.

Cuz I'd been updating more on twitter than blogging, here's a random a mix of things from the past few months I'd been meaning to blog about. The pile is ever-growing but here's a start nonetheless.

Wacom Intuos4. Brand new from this trip.

This thing's so freaking gorgeous I wanna put it on display. Like, serously.

The one I'd been using for the past years had been a 9x12 which is just waaaaay too huge to carry around for travel. This new one's medium-sized and is so much easier to bring around. Now I can bring it on shoots to do quick demos on the spot for clients and my team. Yayness. Thou I'd still prefer the 9x12 for long-period usage since it's better for my wrist.

Post-shoot snap with Kokusyoku Sumire in their beautifully decorated cafe, stolen from their blog here.

I super love the figurines in the background. They're made by another Japanese artist who doesn't sell them anymore. /emo

This shoot was for Gothic Lolita Bible Aug issue (I think)

Okay, moving on to end Apr/early May photos:

With my lovely assistant Abby in Kyoto

With Kagetsuki at the Ghibli Museum.

Also, if I may, plug her new awesome fashion blog with Dawn - Monoxious.

More from the Ghibli Museum and cafe~

My X Japan concert guest pass. Shiny stuff *_*

Goban used in The Go Master movie filming. The go-kes here weren't inside, they're just in collection of the person I visited, designed personally by Honinbo Shuei.


Ninja Jingna making okonomiyaki in awesome Junya coat. Chris looking very very skinny...

And Gullimer's (sp?) Village for Young People, with nary a soul in sight. With Rick, Chris, and Abby who's cropped off because my self-portrait skills aren't awesome enough. ;_;

Birthday dinner


From my meetup~ That huge white book is my portfolio. XD

Gorgeous new Givenchy jacket

Awesome old mag store on rue de Temple

Not forgetting the inevitable stuff that break our banks...

There're a lot of other epicness, recorded in my iPhone, and all lost along with it during the Paris trip. T_T Oh well~ at least I have this:

Awesome food on Singapore Airlines. Hahahha.

Last but not least, a polaroid with Ivory Flame after the Lilith shoot. She's really really super stunning to photograph~

Sorry for the seemingly outdated/bland stuff. I'm working on trying to finding something interesting to blog about but being so busy everything seems like they'd just be too boring for a read. I'm so sorry!! T_T

Heading to Jakarta on Monday!!

Haven't really been blogging much because there'd been too much going on.

Partially also because the internet at home is down.

Well, we called SingNet to get it looked at, dude said the modem probably died, so we could either buy a new one from him or recontract and get a new one for free. Since newer plans are generally cheaper and better for these things, I told mum to get it recontracted.

Could have done it over the web or phone, but the modem would only get delivered a couple days later. Wanting to have it asap, we went down to Singtel Comcenter... and after everything's done, they told us they didn't have one in stock. They'd deliver it only on the 29th. Like, what!??!?!!

It was pretty annoying having to drag myself out of the house early every morning since then just for Wireless@SG to settle all the emails. What horrible timing for the net to be down. Booo.

So I whipped out the PS2 that'd been collecting dust for the past 8 months and played Taiko no Tatsujin to pass time.

And eventually I finished the last 2 chapters of Dirge of Cerberus too. (Wow, like, after 1.5yrs haha) I really wanted to play Sengoku Basara, but everytime I have this urge, the disc just disappears from sight. EVERY TIME.

Anyway, I later found out we actually have a Mobile Broadband so I can get online with that now. Yay.

Last couple weeks had been packed with work, work and more work. Someone above probably figured that I'd been slacking too much in the beginning of the year and it's time to pick up my pace again.

And oh oh. I got to shoot an Ariel Atom.

Isn't it soooo cool. I'm like one step closer to becoming a racer in Cyber Formula. Hahaha. It was really my childhood aspiration (though short-lived) before Gundam Wing overtook it all~

But really, I do wish I'd get the full experience of it on the tracks one day. :3

Last week saw the biggest devMeet in Singapore in a very long time. Spyed and Heidi from the HQ both came down to Singapore. I think we had some 160 people for the turnout.

from =rh89

from =Timothy-Sim (Pardon the distortion on my face? Haha)

Got to talk with passionate students, aspiring illustrators, photographers, and even some who were my juniors from RGS. It was really pretty awesome, people were a lot more enthusiastic than I expected. And much kinder than people I see at most events.

I may be able to make it for one or two of the devMeets in Europe if they don't clash with my schedules. Well, I can be hopeful.

As for myself I am definitely holding one in Paris on the 6th of June, Saturday late morning (11am). Just in the process of deciding on a location now~ Most probably at Six-Huit. Will update with more details later. :D

Hmmm and looking back I realize I have a chunkload of photos I forgot to upload from Tokyo. I'm looking at them because I may be heading back there. (Again~!)

Please allow me to make a quick entry of the trip later on. :P

I bought too many books during the recent 20% sale at Kinokuniya.

I finished Demian by Hermann Hesse somewhere along the way. Enjoyed it.

This whole exploration about Gnosticism recently really shed new light to the mangas I'd adored so much over these years. Aside from Hagio Moto's (which I just discovered recently, but can't seem to find more of), the story of the demiurge really was what I think Omae ga Sekai o Kowashitai Nara (by Fujiwara Kaoru) was based upon.

I'd re-read the title 4 times, it's only now I have a new understanding of the final chapters... that which I once felt were sort of disappointing -- the child that was created by higher beings, who had the power to create by himself, made the imperfect destiny that ran in a never-ending loop for our protagonists. Why? What's this about?

Every single review I'd read practically said the same thing and shared the same sentiments about the ending. But now, I finally understand...~

Japan Part II: Day 5-7 Tokyo-Kyoto

Forgot to add that I went to see the Daibutsu at Kamakura on Day 4. Here's an additional photo. We also had really nice ice cream there~~ XD

Day 5: Ginza + Akihabara

I generally try not to schedule shoots back to back for the sole reason of needing time for recovery... since I had super little rest the night before, I slept in and missed the trip to Tsukiji in the morning. ;_;

Got up around noon-ish. Walked through Ginza, but didn't really do much. Bought a nice white file from Ginza Hands (Tokyu Hands). It's really really pretty ._.

Had our late lunch there too~

Then headed off to Akibahara.

I bought a few books, but I mailed them back so I haven't got photos of them...

Also bought a 70-200 f2.8L lens from Yodobashi. Ahh I just love long lenses so much.

If only they weren't so damn heavy... (and expensive?) Argh.

Super awesome okonomiyaki for dinner~

Day 6: Ohanami~

Went to watch cherry blossoms at 小石川後楽園 in the late morning, they were selling amazake at the place!!! I was so happy because I really wanted to have it again after trying the last time (at Arashiyama ;_;)

Made a point to go to Laforet in the afternoon, it's like, my compulsory shopping stop.

And totally overspent there.

I'd been eyeing Gadget Grow ever since the first time I entered Laforet. I can finally sort of afford to buy something from there. My spending plan for GG was one top and one accessory, but I ended up getting 3 tops and a wallet. D:

But oh I love their stuff so much ;_;

Shopping is sin~ T___T

It has totally taken over Alice Auaa's #1 spot not just because I love their designs, but also because of the fact that they actually fit me pretty well. I have to admit, thought, it's simply because Alice Auaa's pieces have cuttings meant for petite Japanese girls... and I am able to fit Gadget Grow's stuff well because it's a menswear label. *sighs*

Day 7: to Kyoto

Met up with Rimfrost and saintsazzle from dA in the morning. They're from Norway. :3

Chris and I brought them to Ueno Park~ We had a very very short hanami, but it was lovely. (Chris makes an awesome tourguide desu)

Headed off to Kyoto in the afternoon.

By the time we reached and settled in it was pretty late already, so nothing much went on for the rest of the day, other than meeting up with my assistant Abby for dinner, who arrived in Kyoto a day before.

The streets of Kyoto at night... so very nostalgic.

Japan Mar-Apr Part III
> Japan Mar-Apr Part II
Japan Mar-Apr 09 Part I

London: Day2-4

London didn't turn out to be as bad as last time.

Good company makes such a big difference but my impression of the people here (in general) hasn't changed nor improved. (Hahaha sorry)

Day2: Charlene

This gorgeous is Charlene Dang, makeup by Michelle Webb and hair by Viktoria.

Reminds me of the shoot with Kozue in Tokyo – too little clothes, too freaking cold, and me trying to freeze my model to death.

Something a bit random and disgusting happened while we were packing up. I saw this dude under this huge tree (we were just a bit outside it where its branches kinda touch the grounds) jerking off in our direction.

I prodded Michelle and whispered, hey... is the dude like... um, uh...

She was like, huh?

And there was a moment of silence.

Then the shock of realization, in loud whispers she said to Charlene, something along the lines of, omfg the dude's wanking there~!

I mentioned this to a couple friends, they all said it's normal in London. D:


I fell kinda really sick on Thursday evening and ended up cancelling both shoots on Friday. Bleh.

Got better by the evening and went out with Annette Skye for a little bit, then met up with Karin (I modelled for her once, looooong long ago), had some really nice Sichuan food for dinner together with my aunt. It's funny how my first proper 川菜 dining experience was in London instead of anywhere in Asia. =.=

Day4: The London Meetup

The meetup happened at All Bar One, really nice place actually~ Karin who suggested the location ended up having to assist for a shoot. Boo.

There was a girl who came all the way from Cambridge and a boy from Surrey, so instead of the initial plan of just having a quick lunch I decided that we should hang out a bit more to make their trips worth it. So I suggested going to the Victoria & Albert Museum after one of the guys mentioned how nice it was.

In the end 4 of us headed over, and its really really cool~ I like it better than the British Museum.

Didn't take a lot of photos, but these are some of the awesomeness that was there.

View in the gardens.

Mega tapestries.

Instruments always = love.

Just imagine dining here.

We thought about sitting down for a drink, but were too rushed for time to do so. ;_;

The Melville bed.

Epic bed is epic~

My handphone photo's terrible, see it in its full glory here.

Think this carriage is used when the Queen is crowned. I wannnnnnn.

It was wonderful, I only wish I had more time... simply too much stuff to be seen~ T_T

*Updating with meetup photo~

Here, the piece you see us checking out in V&A has this beautiful beautiful passage/poem that struck me:

When the knell rung for the dying
soundeth for me
and my corse coldly is lying
neath the green tree

When the turf strangers are heaping
covers my breast
Come not to gaze on me weeping
I am at rest

All my life coldly and sadly
The days have gone by
I who dreamed wildly and madly
am happy to die

Long since my heart has been breaking
Its pain is past
A time has been set to its aching
Peace comes at last

- Emily Georgiana

I actually attempted translating this into Chinese just to share with some friends. I really really love it. T_T

A sincere thank you to my dearests who travelled so far just to see me. I hope you'd enjoyed the day as much as I did, and that I'd answered your questions.

Go on, chase your dreams.

A little update on upcoming events that I will be attending.

Singapore Toy and Comic Convention
27-29 June
Suntec, Convention Hall 603
Artist Alley Booth F03: Draw and Shoot!

Cosfest VII
5-6 July 1pm-7pm
Downtown East

As usual, noah's prints, my prints.

Been mad busy with exhibition and photobook stuff. In the process of designing layout now, will update with pre-order info when it's more finalized...

Was invited to give a talk to some photography students at NYP on wed, an hour long. Found out along the way that they've got a motion capture studio. So cool *_*

Group photo, hijacked from one of the students. XD