Motherland Chronicles #29 - Lyle

Motherland Chronicles #29 - Lyle

Photography: Zhang Jingna

Hair: Junya Nakashima

Makeup: Yuui

Model: Denys Yakovenko

Photo Assistants: Ngoc Vu, Ernie Chang

Etched gorget armor by ArmStreet

Choker and circlet by Harlequin Romantique

First guy for personal work in 3 years! Dedicated to my love for 80's and 90's Japanese fantasy anime, or maybe just mostly Amano's work. Also may or may not have been thinking about Laurent from Captive Prince by S.U. Pacat a lot? The possibilities are endless. :D

So happy I finally got to shoot a piece of armor from ArmStreet! Thank you Misha for lending me this beautiful gorget. 

Daniel Landroche

I met up with the very amazing Richard Pier Petit while I was in L.A., two weeks before I came back to Singapore early last month. I don't have a lot of photographer friends since I'd always been on my own, so it was really nice meeting someone who's so talented and laid back, and just talk about shooting.

At some point we talked about why I rarely photographed men, Richard then mentioned some boys from Ford LA with looks I would probably love. I was a bit skeptical because I rarely see the kind with beauty I look for, so when I received Daniel Landroche's photos they surprised me.

With some luck and many thanks to Ford's Chandra, I managed to squeeze in a shoot with Daniel just the day before my flight. I'm really glad we shot together, it was beautiful.

Photography & Styling: Zhang Jingna
Model: Daniel Landroche/Ford LA
Photo assistants: Conan Thai, Matthew Chretien
Long cardigan with straps from Gadget Grow

Special thanks to Chandra at Ford

Japan Part I: Day 1-4 Tokyo

Total bliss. T__T

Yeah okay, I haven't died~ It's just that I haven't been having the most accessible internet possible.

It's been a great trip so far, and I feel... happy.

Just a super quiiickkkk recap. I'll definitely be doing individual entries for those that need expansion. XD

Day 1 started somewhere around 5pm after we'd unpacked in Tokyo. Had super awesome yakitori and super mega awesome sushi for dinner. 2 different places with 2 different groups of people. I felt very very welcomed and loved.

Day 2 went to Asakusa in the morning, it was drizzling.

Met up with Ken from GPKISM, had sushi and started reminiscing about how we first started speaking when we were both in Melbourne in 2005.

Then I raided Closet Child (and bought too much of Alice Auaa) ;_;

And also got myself a Vivienne Westwood lighter, just because it's so damn pretty.

Too bad I don't have a reason to carry it around...

Spotted EGL twins in the evening~

Day 3: Photohoot #1 + Wacom Intuos4 Launch Party

No preview photos from the shoot yet, Chiaki was the model again. She worked with Sugizo as a photographer. *intensely jealous*

Oh well. ;_;

Attended the Wacom Intuos4 launch party at night. It was pretty awesome~

I want this tablet, like right now~! Hahaha. Control panel on the board's all on one side now. And no, fret not if you're left handed, just flip the board around and you will have it the right way for you. Yay.

There were a dozen or so stations around the club for people to test out the new tablet.

During the party there was a live performance by a VJ. She painted according to the beats of the music, and on people if they went in front of the projectors, pretty cool~

And throughout the evening there were Wacom Artist features and interviews played on displays around the premises, consisting of a whole range of people from illustrators to designers to retouchers to concept artists. Discovered some really spectecular stuff there.

Can't wait to get mine (a 9x12!)~

Day 4: Photoshoot #2

And this is, the most beautiful man I'd ever photographed.

Japan Mar-Apr Part III
Japan Mar-Apr Part II
> Japan Mar-Apr 09 Part I

For Men's Folio. Did it a little while back...

Went on a little shopping spree recently.

The interest in reading texts without illustrations is sudden. Perhaps the lack of artbooks to purchase had made me anxious and sparked off a dying need to get something, anything, in print.

The result was a large stack of Tennyson, Donne, Dante, Maupassant and random children's stories which I do not believe yours truly is capable of finishing. It does kind end off with some artbooks though, eventually. I had somehow managed to find an interest in Rubens despite my extreme inclination for the Pre-Raphaelites along the way.

And then there was this array of wonders that is Junya Watanabe x Comme de Garçons... which was... ohmygodokayletsnotgothere.

Why oh why am I writing such a ridiculously incoherent entry? Because I feel horribly ill and am severely lacking the ability to think and work whilst being thoroughly occupied with a roll of tissue paper for my perpetually running nose wondering just when had I ran out of my 90% cocoas from Royce' and just why had I not stocked up more the last time I was out.

Right, incoherent I said.

I think a coffee, or three, could fix that.

Oh I'm such a spaz today~

But then, it's not such a bad thing because most of the time spastic = hyper, which often = happy...? XD


let me drown
in this dream
so it wouldn't hurt

to remember
to forget

I was introduced to Selia during Alamode Night in April when I was in Tokyo. He was soft-spoken, gentle, kind and very very elegant.

We did the shoot 2 days later just before I came back to Singapore. Much of it was done without much words for we couldn't really communicate. Yet, somehow, in the silence, we moved in synchronicity.

Mercedes Benz Print Ad

Client: Mercedes Benz Taiwan
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Advertising
Art Direction: Akiko Chung
Photography: Zhang Jingna
Styling: Furquan Saini
Makeup: Larry Yeo
Hair: Alicia Tey for Irina, Larry Yeo for Claude
Models: Irina and Claude/Mannequin

Done a while back, it's started rolling out and I wish someone'd send me photos of the billboards, that's what I think I'd like to see most, I guess.

I wish I shot the cars, then I'll have loads of money and make working on my personal work possible, and build sets that cost 10000 dollars each for the rest of the year, and still live happily ever after, whilst owning harems of bishies with long beautiful hair like Jack.

Just kidding.

I'm heading to Bangkok 22-27th Sept, and London mid-late Oct.

I really really want to go back to Tokyo at the end of the year. If only London's not so freaking expensive and compulsory.

Been doing press check every day, it's such a painful process but it makes me so happy to see the prints.

My papers are like, made in Japan ok. Hahaha.

We also started doing the canvas prints:
This is the only one I've got a photo of so far. A 30"x30" of "of the Night: A Dream of You". Really really beautiful. T_T