Rhine Corset Dress, All Saints
Velvet halter-neck gown, Ralph Lauren Collection
Asymmetrical collar/vest, Mono Clothing; Cotton tank top, Old Navy
Photography: Zhang Jingna
Assistant: Matthew Chretien
Hair: Casey Geren
Makeup: Angela Peralta
Model: Nicole Edwards @ Photogenics

Planning to finish as much work as I can before heading to San Diego for Comic Con this weekend. I feel like it's such an utter waste of my Pro Pass to not be there everyday. But oh well. :

I've done four shoots here so far. Including another collaboration with Sugizo. The photos are pretty different from those from the last shoot, you'll have to wait and see for yourself when they're out~ XD

I finally finished playing Final Fantasy XIII the other day.

Man, I don't think I'm a fussy person when it comes to games. It's generally quite easy to win me over with some pretty graphics and cutscenes, but the corny scripts (or was it just the translations?), bad pacing and horrendous human proportions just made it really, really very painful to play. I mean, argh, Square Enix, why. WHY.

Makes me sad that it's so bad. Sighhhhh.

Anyway enough random rant. Anyone else gonna be at SDCC on Saturday? :D