Fool's Mate: SUGIZO - 月下の神託

Sugizo - 月下の神託
Fool's Mate, Vol 348, Oct 2010
Interview & text by Sachie Tojo
Photography: Zhang Jingna

Los Angeles (Pg 1-2):
Hair & Makeup: 鈴木美子; Photo assistant: Matthew Chretien
Japan (Pg 3-8):
Coordinator: Chiaki Oshima; Hair & Makeup: Tomoko Ono; Photo assistant: Shunshin

Yay more Sugizo photos~ 

The first shot was taken while I was in L.A. this June.

Sugizo and I met up in Hollywood one day and we discussed about working together again. He knew where he wanted to shoot, so we only had to run through the ideas and outfits.

On the shoot day we drove some three hours out of L.A. for my first trip to a desert. It was so hot the soles of my shoes started coming off at some point and I had to walk around with them flapping all day. -_-

I realized that I probably like shooting in the cold better, though it's probably harder for a model to perform in extreme cold as opposed to heat. (Remember Sugizo trembling as he played the violin for me during the last shoot /sweat)

This one had been more or less smoother in terms of logistics and weather~ And Sugizo's always really nice to work and hang out with. We'll probably go through more photos later when I've a bit more time. :D

The black and white shots were photographed in Japan last December, as the most of you probably already know. Time really flies doesn't it? It really doesn't feel like there'd been much and a good deal of 2010 is already over.

Scans are from the Russian Luna Sea community, stitched together with my original photos for the centre portions that were cut off.


Sugizo, Ashinoko Lake, Japan, Dec 2009

This shoot makes one of my most beautiful memories, ever.

I first fell in love with Sugizo when I saw his movie, Soundtrack, when I was 14.  There was certain tension and intensity to the way he played the violin that was different from how he was with the guitar.

When he played for me by Ashinoko Lake in the freezing cold during the shoot, I thought I was going to cry.

It was so surreal.

So breathtaking. So heartbreakingly beautiful.

Sugizo-san, thank you.

Sugizo GIG 2009 ~Next Phase of Cosmic Dance~

Just wanted to post these before they collect too much dust. The experience and memories along with the event was just entirely too amazing.

And one of my favs from rehearsal:


His stage presence is just so incredible, one really has to see him live for the experience.

I've still yet to go through the images from our collaboration, the current project is eating up my nights and days like a monster. We're almost 70% done with the dresses for the shoot now, I hope they can be finished tomorrow so I can have Sunday to work on the story.

Honestly I didn't expect January to start out in such an explosively busy manner, I'd said more noes for this month alone than I did the entire of last year. Hopefully I can stick with the resolutions of spending time primarily on personal work, and present the new book and exhibitions as planned.

Just want to say a proper thank you to everyone for your support the past years. I'll be trying my best, so let's work hard together for this new year.

Chase your dreams with ardent passion and never give up.

Be brave, be strong.

Yoshiki/Sugizo Dahlia Solo Intro

Looked at this while video-surfing for work and had an impossible urge to share it.

When this happened that night, my heart throbbed so much in exhilaration I almost couldn't breathe.

Sugizo's violin's always so tragic, so beautiful. There's a certain haunting beauty in the despair and tension of the sounds that I really love. To experience it live was something so incredibly amazing it's indescribable in words.

I swear I was going to sleep early. But unexpected events roll themselves out at... unexpected times.

So I got sentimental and started surfing around for old PVs, and eventually trailers of movies I'd watched before.

Came across a subbed version of Soundtrack (starring Sugizo) and thought about rewatching it even though I'd lost count of the number of times I had seen it. The DVD was sub-less too, so the idea of knowing the story a little better is very tempting.

Nothing beats Sugizo playing the violin in awesomely romantic setting. *sighs in bliss*

Okay, sleep. Bed. Now.