In Black and White

Photography: Zhang Jingna
Styling: Mildred von Hildegard
Hair/Makeup: Lindsey Rivera
Model: Natalia Bonifacci/Ford LA
Photo Assistants: Jung Kim, Xun Chi
Clothes from Mother of London

Did this the day before I left Los Angeles last December. I'm so happy the team managed to come together to photograph these new pieces from Mildred's collection, you guys are all so awesome~~ Special thanks to Charlene at Ford for being such a sweetheart! <3

Some behind the scenes photos by Jung Kim taken while we were getting ready --

Checking out the pieces with Mildred as we plan out the looks. Omg my hair used to be so long o_o

Lindsey's serious face as she gets Natalia ready~ Love her~

And last but not least some outtakes I really liked --

If you haven't figured out yet this was done outdoors with natural light. 
I've always wanted do it, carry my backdrop set and shoot with it outdoors one day. Kinda like a little kid's wish hahaha. 
And since I was packing up to move, I figured why not just do it. So on the day of shoot we lugged everything out to the little park across from my apartment complex and set up there. :D The wind got super strong at one point and it tore through the backdrop all the way across, we had to tape it back up and it was really ghetto haha. Was all good fun though, I was really happy. Thank you everyone for all the amazing memories~ 

In other news, New York has been awesome! My producer has been keeping me busy with loads of meetings and shoots. There are so many amazing talents and girls and clothes and everyone's so nice ;_;

Also also! It's Singapore Day this Saturday! FREE HAWKER FOOD. I REALLY want to go but I'll be shooting, so if you're in NY please do go on my behalf (10.30am-6pm at Prospect Park, Brooklyn) and have some awesome Singapore food! Read more about it here.

Zink: It Blooms In The Night


It Blooms In The Night
Zink Magazine, Jan 2012

Photography & Styling: Zhang Jingna
Hair: Chloe Doan
Makeup: Angela Peralta
Model: Yuki Matsumura
Photo Assistant: Conan Thai

This was done quite a while ago in the Mojave Desert. We had to drive 4 hours each way from where I lived, it was the longest I'd travelled for a shoot done on the same day. Totally worth it though, I wanna shoot in a desert again ;_;

So thankful for having Conan too, who carried all the gear and luggage for clothes and trekked maybe 2 hours back and forth to the car, also grateful for my awesome crew for putting up with the difficult day, it was really not easy.

And omg I could hardly believe I was getting published in Zink. I remember going through their issues when I first started photography, and wondering if perhaps one day I would get good enough to be published in it too.

It's feels kind of like when my works came out in Fool's Mate and Gothic & Lolita Bible, except this time it's actually related to my work instead of just being for something that was an interest, so in a way it's kind of extra meaningful and I feel so super fortunate for the opportunity.

Some behind the scenes and photos taken along the way:

North American Star League Finals

The past month went by so fast I barely felt it, and suddenly it's gone. I guess between the trips to Seychelles, Beijing, Toronto and L.A., all the flying took enough days away to make it much shorter than the usual 30 I should have.
I kept telling myself that I'd find time to do certain things but there just never seem to be enough hours in a day to finish all the stuff that I want to do anymore. I feel it so much that I push back sleep day after day after day, and now it's somehow became a habit to skip sleep regularly. -_-
My body has really not been agreeable at all, and as much as I keep telling myself I need to sleep every day it's become so hard, especially when I'm in the mode to push myself to work.
Last weekend I found my way to Ontario, California, for the grand finals of the North American Star League. I think it's hard for a lot of people to understand why I'm spending so much time being so serious about StarCraft, minus the few long-time followers who've been with me since my earliest days. I don't really know how to express it very well, but I guess I could say it's just me being me.
Like with go, air rifle, anime, and music, I want to pursue the things I enjoy and love. Through them I am always learning, and they are what brought me to where I am today with photography. This passion for things has kept me going and I'd never want to change or give up who I am because of what others may say. Please bear with me if I blog about things that are not related to photography. ^^;
At some point I will probably write about the shoots in Seoul and Seychelles before I completely forget about them, but since the shots have yet to be released I guess they'll have to wait a bit.
The NASL finals was pretty much the first time I'd ever been to a LAN event. It was a bit like combining the experience of a concert live and competition both into one haha.
My caster friend Wombat gave me lifts to the venue both Friday and Sunday (thank you Wombat!) but we were late on Friday because despite being up nearly all night I was still working in the morning. =_=;
We arrived at the Ontario Convention Center sometime past noon. The matches were supposed to start at 11am but they were delayed due to technical issues with the projectors. I heard they broke like literally 10 minutes before the doors opened. o_o;; So I guess forever was spent on the attempt of fixing them but to no avail. We started Friday with no live video feeds on the big screens, only gameplays with the production tabs cropped out, it was a little bit painful, but everything was fixed and smooth from Saturday on~!
Tasteless as MC
They had this background for conducting interviews backstage with the players after their wins, I think they only did it for the very first match (Ret vs PuMa) but thereafter it was all on the main stage because the live audience couldn't see anything. ;_; 
Also backstage, Friday's schedules
I gotta say, the lighting was really too dim for photography throughout the event. I should probably have given my feedback to the NASL guys and hoped for them to do something about it, oh well... ;_; 
Morrow setting up in his booth
I'd never been to MLG so I'm not sure how it works there, but at GSL the GOM Studio has four booths. Two players would be playing their match while the next two set up their stuff in the other two booths, so no time is lost in between matches. There were pretty long waiting times in between at NASL and I hope it's something that they'd be able to improve on in the future aside from the lighting. 
WeMade FOX Moon
I saw Moon resting (napping?) backstage before his game and it reminded me so much of my air rifle days~ In between qualifier and finals I'd usually do this as well. It's not just completely about resting but also staying focused on the competition. Some players like to move around but media, fans and other players can sometimes become distracting factors and you really don't want to be thinking about results when it's your turn to go. 
oGsZenio making his entrance
oGsMC being ever so confident <3
MC in his booth
I know it's weird but I really admire MC for his super upright sitting posture. Reminds me of school days when I was back in China, except I definitely don't sit like that right now haha.
Moon being interviewed by Rachel Quirico after his win
Moon made a lot of banelings in his game vs HasuObs. When Rachel interviewed him after his game asking about it, he thought for a while, and then said that it was because July made a lot of banelings in the previous match, so he felt like making more than that. Everyone was like LOL wtf, it was quite a moment and I don't think the audience laughed harder than that for the rest of Friday.
SeleCT doing his Sup Son ¯_( ツ)_/¯ pose for the cameras
Sen's expressions after winning were always super intense, I'm really glad that he did so well. 
SlayerS BoxeR and Jessica
It may not feel like it to some others, but the venue was actually a little bit cold. 
Lindsey Sporrer
On Sunday I caught a glimpse of Lindsey. Super gorgeous girl, it was really nice that she was making an effort to understand the game. 
At some point one of our teammates was interviewed by her. I heard that after plugging the team channel it went straight to the max 100, pretty cool haha.  
Sen cheerful by the CSL girls
Day9 signing for fans
In between matches there were allocated times and places for signings, but sometimes people would stop players or casters as they walked around and once it starts it starts a queue in the middle of nowhere and lasts for a long time till the matches start again. 
SeleCT's autograph~
We saw some really exciting matches between MC and PuMa for the grand finals. MC was having such an incredibly sick comeback but PuMa played so amazingly as well. I think most people agree that it's probably one of the most epic set of games in a tournament. My respect for MC definitely went up a notch, he was so good ._.
PuMa in his booth after winning the final game
The players of NASL Season 1 Finals
The winners PuMa, MC and Sen take home $50,000, $25,000 and $10,000 respectively. I'm super happy for the players, thank you for giving us such great games~ It really ended the event on a high note, you'd really have to be in the audience to feel how epic it was~
Temp0 and Anna Prosser also performed two SC2 parody songs 'Dan' and 'Overrun This Town', one before and one after the matches on Sunday. Great performances met with a lot of love from the audience. Was definitely a nice touch to end the games~
Anna Prosser
Temp0 and Anna Prosser
I walked around a bit as things started to wrap, watched people trying to get their last photos with their favourite players and casters.
Bunch of people having a group photo with BoxeR with everyone looking in a different direction
I managed to meet up with Danglars, my team's #1 fan. Helped him take a photo with Tastosis and then they told me I needed to get some photos taken too. So we got a couple together.
Wombat, Danglars, me
Me, Day9 and Danglars
And last but not least... with another girl~!
Megumixbear and Jingna
Megumi and I actually met in the washroom. It just happens that we both like saying hi to strangers we meet in the ladies and ask them how they feel about the event. She got to it first that day, and asked to shake my hand. I was super confused and taken aback cuz that was so completely random but cute and terribly sweet all at the same time haha. But yo, she's a Master league Terran, teaches ikebana, outgoing and friendly, how are there such cool girls around? I totally need to go to these LANs more.
There was an after party later that night but photography wasn't allowed. It was SUPER crowded but really fun. I'm not sure what else I can say about it? I met a lot of people and Rachel was super hot~! :D
I'm so looking forward to MLG Anaheim now, especially with my players attending as well. I think it'd really be quite an experience cuz I haven't travelled with a team since 2007, maybe 2006? Time passes by so fast I can't even keep track anymore. ;_; When people ask about my work these days they're like how long have you been doing photography? And part of me would want to say four years, before I realize that another year has already passed and it is five now. It didn't feel like that long ago at all when I used to say I'd only been doing photography for three months, time really does fly. T___T
Anyway, please do check out my team's Facebook album and my TeamLiquid thread for more photos~! (And please forgive the bad writing, grammar and vocabulary usage ;_;)

Before the Tide Comes

Before the Tide Comes
Fashion Gone Rogue Exclusive, 7 Oct 2010

Photography: Zhang Jingna
Styling: Mildred von Hildegard
Hair: Chloe Doan & Kelsey Petersen
Makeup: Angela Peralta
Model: Denise Mullins/Photogenics
Photo assistant: Conan Thai
All outfits from Mother of London, Long Parachute Dress from All Saints

I'd been in love with Mother of London's designs for a long, long, long, long time.

Being able to photograph pieces from the label was like a dream come true.

When I visited Mildred's studio in L.A. I swear I wanted to raid the place. Her agreeing to attend the shoot and offering to help with styling was an extremely sweet gesture and she's just sooooo awesome.

Around the time when I was planning to shoot this my Long Parachute Dress from All Saints arrived and I thought it would be perfect to pair with some of her individual tops. I know I'm not the only one who thinks the particular coordination turned out totally Edward-Scissorhand-ish.

We were also super lucky to get Denise from Photogenics who moved amazingly well and was an utter delight to work with. It was so smooth that the photoshoot itself took lesser than three hours, probably my shortest ever for so many images.

Also thanks to Angela for the wonderful makeup, Chloe and Kelsey for putting up with my hair demands, and Conan being the ever wonderful friend and assistant.

High quality images can be found on Fashion Gone Rogue.

Behind the scenes photos from footage by David C.P. Chan.

I guess this is my sort-of Halloween post because StarCraft II took over my weekend and I didn't celebrate at all. Felt so bad for the kids who came knocking on our door cuz we had no candies! Sighhh ;_;

Angela Peralta touching up Denise's makeup
Mother of London's super designer Mildred von Hildegard

PS: Please pardon the hideous sunhat. Got it at Walmart the morning I shot with Sugizo because nothing else was open!

Daniel Landroche

I met up with the very amazing Richard Pier Petit while I was in L.A., two weeks before I came back to Singapore early last month. I don't have a lot of photographer friends since I'd always been on my own, so it was really nice meeting someone who's so talented and laid back, and just talk about shooting.

At some point we talked about why I rarely photographed men, Richard then mentioned some boys from Ford LA with looks I would probably love. I was a bit skeptical because I rarely see the kind with beauty I look for, so when I received Daniel Landroche's photos they surprised me.

With some luck and many thanks to Ford's Chandra, I managed to squeeze in a shoot with Daniel just the day before my flight. I'm really glad we shot together, it was beautiful.

Photography & Styling: Zhang Jingna
Model: Daniel Landroche/Ford LA
Photo assistants: Conan Thai, Matthew Chretien
Long cardigan with straps from Gadget Grow

Special thanks to Chandra at Ford

Fool's Mate: SUGIZO - 月下の神託

Sugizo - 月下の神託
Fool's Mate, Vol 348, Oct 2010
Interview & text by Sachie Tojo
Photography: Zhang Jingna

Los Angeles (Pg 1-2):
Hair & Makeup: 鈴木美子; Photo assistant: Matthew Chretien
Japan (Pg 3-8):
Coordinator: Chiaki Oshima; Hair & Makeup: Tomoko Ono; Photo assistant: Shunshin

Yay more Sugizo photos~ 

The first shot was taken while I was in L.A. this June.

Sugizo and I met up in Hollywood one day and we discussed about working together again. He knew where he wanted to shoot, so we only had to run through the ideas and outfits.

On the shoot day we drove some three hours out of L.A. for my first trip to a desert. It was so hot the soles of my shoes started coming off at some point and I had to walk around with them flapping all day. -_-

I realized that I probably like shooting in the cold better, though it's probably harder for a model to perform in extreme cold as opposed to heat. (Remember Sugizo trembling as he played the violin for me during the last shoot /sweat)

This one had been more or less smoother in terms of logistics and weather~ And Sugizo's always really nice to work and hang out with. We'll probably go through more photos later when I've a bit more time. :D

The black and white shots were photographed in Japan last December, as the most of you probably already know. Time really flies doesn't it? It really doesn't feel like there'd been much and a good deal of 2010 is already over.

Scans are from the Russian Luna Sea community, stitched together with my original photos for the centre portions that were cut off.


Photography & styling: Zhang Jingna
Hair: Nicoletta Gauci

Makeup: Lindsey Rivera

Model: Alli Cripe/Photogenics

Photo Assistant: Matthew Chretien
Special thanks: Errol Higgins Studio

Finally overcame my jet lag. Now I've gone back to my unhealthy cycle of sleeping at 4am. Blehh.