Motherland Chronicles #42 - Tabitha

Motherland Chronicles #42 - Tabitha

Photography/makeup: Zhang Jingna
Hair: Junya Nakashima
Model: Tabitha Ashura
Photo Assistants: Alyssa Yee, Shirley Yu
Necklaces: Harlequin Romantique

Tabby is a model and friend of one of my favorite artists Lu Cong. He was in NY a while ago and introduced us when he came on set one of my shoots. 

I meant to do a casting test with Tabby but she stayed so far from me I ended up making it a Motherland shot in the end haha and did the makeup and everything to. So if it looks less stellar than usual you know whose fault that is. :( 

Also took a couple clean portraits while testing the new Profoto umbrellas, the light is so gorgeous! :3

Love this one so much cuz it looks exactly like her expressions in Lu Cong's paintings :D 

I'd been meaning to do a behind-the-scenes for the fire shoot but haven't had time, so this is up first, till I get around to finishing that one~ :D

In Black and White

Photography: Zhang Jingna
Styling: Mildred von Hildegard
Hair/Makeup: Lindsey Rivera
Model: Natalia Bonifacci/Ford LA
Photo Assistants: Jung Kim, Xun Chi
Clothes from Mother of London

Did this the day before I left Los Angeles last December. I'm so happy the team managed to come together to photograph these new pieces from Mildred's collection, you guys are all so awesome~~ Special thanks to Charlene at Ford for being such a sweetheart! <3

Some behind the scenes photos by Jung Kim taken while we were getting ready --

Checking out the pieces with Mildred as we plan out the looks. Omg my hair used to be so long o_o

Lindsey's serious face as she gets Natalia ready~ Love her~

And last but not least some outtakes I really liked --

If you haven't figured out yet this was done outdoors with natural light. 
I've always wanted do it, carry my backdrop set and shoot with it outdoors one day. Kinda like a little kid's wish hahaha. 
And since I was packing up to move, I figured why not just do it. So on the day of shoot we lugged everything out to the little park across from my apartment complex and set up there. :D The wind got super strong at one point and it tore through the backdrop all the way across, we had to tape it back up and it was really ghetto haha. Was all good fun though, I was really happy. Thank you everyone for all the amazing memories~ 

In other news, New York has been awesome! My producer has been keeping me busy with loads of meetings and shoots. There are so many amazing talents and girls and clothes and everyone's so nice ;_;

Also also! It's Singapore Day this Saturday! FREE HAWKER FOOD. I REALLY want to go but I'll be shooting, so if you're in NY please do go on my behalf (10.30am-6pm at Prospect Park, Brooklyn) and have some awesome Singapore food! Read more about it here.

Before the Tide Comes

Before the Tide Comes
Fashion Gone Rogue Exclusive, 7 Oct 2010

Photography: Zhang Jingna
Styling: Mildred von Hildegard
Hair: Chloe Doan & Kelsey Petersen
Makeup: Angela Peralta
Model: Denise Mullins/Photogenics
Photo assistant: Conan Thai
All outfits from Mother of London, Long Parachute Dress from All Saints

I'd been in love with Mother of London's designs for a long, long, long, long time.

Being able to photograph pieces from the label was like a dream come true.

When I visited Mildred's studio in L.A. I swear I wanted to raid the place. Her agreeing to attend the shoot and offering to help with styling was an extremely sweet gesture and she's just sooooo awesome.

Around the time when I was planning to shoot this my Long Parachute Dress from All Saints arrived and I thought it would be perfect to pair with some of her individual tops. I know I'm not the only one who thinks the particular coordination turned out totally Edward-Scissorhand-ish.

We were also super lucky to get Denise from Photogenics who moved amazingly well and was an utter delight to work with. It was so smooth that the photoshoot itself took lesser than three hours, probably my shortest ever for so many images.

Also thanks to Angela for the wonderful makeup, Chloe and Kelsey for putting up with my hair demands, and Conan being the ever wonderful friend and assistant.

High quality images can be found on Fashion Gone Rogue.

Behind the scenes photos from footage by David C.P. Chan.

I guess this is my sort-of Halloween post because StarCraft II took over my weekend and I didn't celebrate at all. Felt so bad for the kids who came knocking on our door cuz we had no candies! Sighhh ;_;

Angela Peralta touching up Denise's makeup
Mother of London's super designer Mildred von Hildegard

PS: Please pardon the hideous sunhat. Got it at Walmart the morning I shot with Sugizo because nothing else was open!

Montblanc - A Story to Tell. II

Art director: Ceres Chung
Photography: Zhang Jingna
Producer: Valerie Lam
Styling: Furqan Saini
Hair/Makeup: Joanna Koh
Models: Michalina Glen & Anthony Caracciolo/Mannequin

Done in June with my favourite AD Ceres Chung for Montblanc Indonesia~

Ceres and I have a certain mutual understanding when it comes to aesthetics, from models to clothes down to the opinions of papers used while browsing a catalogue. The peeps at Montblanc as usual were patient with us through the many location and setup changes. I couldn't have been any happier to work with such a team and as always it was a great pleasure shooting together. <3

Fool's Mate: SUGIZO - 月下の神託

Sugizo - 月下の神託
Fool's Mate, Vol 348, Oct 2010
Interview & text by Sachie Tojo
Photography: Zhang Jingna

Los Angeles (Pg 1-2):
Hair & Makeup: 鈴木美子; Photo assistant: Matthew Chretien
Japan (Pg 3-8):
Coordinator: Chiaki Oshima; Hair & Makeup: Tomoko Ono; Photo assistant: Shunshin

Yay more Sugizo photos~ 

The first shot was taken while I was in L.A. this June.

Sugizo and I met up in Hollywood one day and we discussed about working together again. He knew where he wanted to shoot, so we only had to run through the ideas and outfits.

On the shoot day we drove some three hours out of L.A. for my first trip to a desert. It was so hot the soles of my shoes started coming off at some point and I had to walk around with them flapping all day. -_-

I realized that I probably like shooting in the cold better, though it's probably harder for a model to perform in extreme cold as opposed to heat. (Remember Sugizo trembling as he played the violin for me during the last shoot /sweat)

This one had been more or less smoother in terms of logistics and weather~ And Sugizo's always really nice to work and hang out with. We'll probably go through more photos later when I've a bit more time. :D

The black and white shots were photographed in Japan last December, as the most of you probably already know. Time really flies doesn't it? It really doesn't feel like there'd been much and a good deal of 2010 is already over.

Scans are from the Russian Luna Sea community, stitched together with my original photos for the centre portions that were cut off. - New York

Photography: Zhang Jingna
Assistant: Teresa Yeh
Styling: Furqan Saini
Hair: Crews
Makeup: Perry Foulke
Model: Lauren Holl

This was done in New York last year. Never got around to posting because it's too easy to lose track over when stuff actually get published these days... But hey, here it is. One of my favourites. I always enjoy it when I'm allowed to do a campaign in black and white. Too bad it doesn't happen too often.

I'm leaving L.A. for Japan on Saturday for a week, then back to Singapore for a month or two to deal with work and stuff.

There've been a lot of changes and new plans being put into place this year, a lot of things which I'm not sure if I should/can talk about.

I end up spending too much on shoots these days almost all the time. I paid $100 for gas alone the other day when we drove out to the desert, not counting clothes, food, props and things, and that was just one of the many. But when I think about the new book (or the possibility of one), I feel like it's all okay. This is after all why I work, so I can afford to produce more pictures that I (and hopefully you) like.


My assistant Conan took some photos of me the other day. For a feature in Elle Singapore's October issue along with an interview. It really makes me happy being photographed as a photographer because no one forces me to smile anymore (as opposed to the air rifle days). 

In the upcoming issue of Fool's Mate (Oct as well) there will be some brand new photos I did with Sugizo shot here in the US.

I promised to talk about our first collaboration in Japan but never got around to, but I think it's a good time to mention that it wouldn't have been possible without my dear friend Chiaki, whom some of you may remember as the model in the Sakuran photos I did in Tokyo a few years ago.

A movie she starred in recently (Tarda Estate) is showing at the Venice International Film Festival, and as a friend I honestly can't be any prouder. *sniffs*

Gonna be shooting back to back the whole of next three days. There's just so much that I want to do but too little time.


If you wanna get updates on my new shoes or dumplings I made or random behind the scenes photos, you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

Also I'm finally HR9 on MHFU. Too bad there's no time for the Ukanlos right now. I really hate the crack in the middle of the battleground with undying passion.