Happy new year~!

Great to be back in Singapore... (merry belated xmas by the way)

Have some new pictures... The shot above was taken in Beijing. There're still a lot to do from previous shoots, hopefully I can finish them soon. Right... and also some interviews I did a while back, I'll update some scans and links when I have the time.

I fell and slipped down a couple steps when I was back in Beijing. My ass and elbow hurt. There are horrible bruises and swells but I worry more for my laptop which crashed down the stairs together with me. T_T

Anyway, I want to say, thank you everyone so much for your support~ let's continue working hard in the new year.

And thank you, my dearest darlings, who've been there for me all this time, never stopping at being all terrifyingly talented and accomplished and making me feel like a piece of crap, but worry not it's all good, I'll keep trying.

Random entry about anime. Feel free to skip it lol.

While in Bangkok for the Sea Games I brought along VCDs of Samurai 7 to watch for passing time. Honestly I haven't properly watched any animes since I think, Hikaru no Go? No idea how many years ago that was. (With the exception of Gundam Seed which I couldn't force myself to finish due to the horrible disgust with Kira)

Honestly I wanted to dedicate an entry to Samurai 7 and weep for the ones who died after so much character development when I came back, but I got too busy. So anyway, here's a mention, I love the anime as much as it broke my heart, I could say that I haven't felt such happiness for a long time (yes, from just watching it I was smiling like a dork from day to night). 脚本和角色的刻画真的很好⋯⋯ So go watch it if you're out of things to catch. :D It seems they're making it a movie and it's in pre-production. Ahhh something to look forward to.

Bought a couple titles when I had the chance to shop the other day, and a few pieces of h.Naoto hohoho.

Spent yesterday and this morning watching Code Geass. I like to watch things at one go... incomplete stuff make me dejected. I didn't expect that it was unfinished cuz out of the 5 titles I purchased I must have asked whether each one was completed for 3-4 of them and left this out. *bish self*

I have mixed feelings about the story, although I have to admit that it's well made. The general story structure and graphics are all good, just that it kept reminding me of GSeed (ala kiraxasuran) and feels like as if Syaoran has jumped out from Tsubasa to pilot Lancelot. Is this the product of Sunrise+Clamp? *major sweatdrop*

Anyway I'm off to watch more. Who knows if I can finish all 5 during my confinement here. It's quite inspiring, I'm already having images I want to do in my head. Hope I can get them done well in the coming new year.

And argh, thanks to blogspot for being banned, i cannot reply any comments other than making new posts. =_=

I'm procrastinating from packing. So here's a short recap of what's been happening. Hectic schedules with the printing and paper cutting. I spent 5hours odd cutting the paper.

Reckon I can make a costume outta this, really.

But anyway, gorgeous prints. The postcards were soooooo pretty. Slept at about 4am on the 15th, got up at 9 to do hair and makeup and a bit of last last min packing because I was heading to KL straight after Expo.

And me camwhoring in the cab.
Had renr helping me out for a while, but didn't dare to walk around that much. 6.30pm started packing up to rush for my bus. Reached KL about 12am, toounit picked me up. We went out to eat a bit and went over to his place, and I slept with this cutie:

Pardon the lousy camera phone quality. There's no greens, it's white as snow except for the dyed pink at the end of the ears. It's sooooooooooo cute its like a freaking living soft toy. *__*

And some random ghey Cloud dressup thing his friend did. In chocobo printed briefs. It's just so damn wrong man. =_=;;;

Anyway I haven't got much photos... sorry hehe. But really for all of you who came by to say hi, especially those who came over just to see me, thank you so so so so so much for the support, I'm so touched. T_T

Please just don't kneel down in public again I kind of don't know what to do. ^^;

After that went out for dinner with toounit's family... then rushed to catch my bus back. Got back to Singapore at about 3, reached home at about 3.30am and because I had no keys with me I had to depend on the maid but... she wouldn't wake up no matter how I phoned the home line or rang the doorbell~!!! So I got locked out until 8am in the morning when she woke up.

And now I'm down with a terrible cold. It was really freezing at that time in the morning, I did also realize that from this new place we can see a lot of stars at night. Really beautiful...

And man what's with the new cab fare? Called a cab in the evening to Fullerton, it was freaking 27bucks! Wtf?!?!

Back to packing.

EOY Anime@Expo & Comic Fiesta@Times Square

After battling with time and everything else for the last 10 days, I have somehow made it out alive amongst these emails, interviews, unopened copies of Spectrum 14, Exotique3, Fantasy Art Now from the publishers, my 5-6yo PC that declared dead, last minute printings, paper cutting, retouching, booking of bus ticket to KL and back, and a slot of The Warlords (which has inconsistent lighting on set) in between.

Yes, not dead. You will see me tomorrow and at CF on the 16th. My booth at Expo is A6, before you enter the hall with the stage. I'll try not to repeat my wardrobe, surely no bulky stuff this year because I've to carry the outfit to Malaysia too.

I'm thinking I shouldn't have done too many laminated prints this year, it cuts into my margin pretty deep, and argh, I really do need a new desktop. Well hope to see you!

I'd been sitting at my laptop trying to reply emails for the last 3 days and I'm still not done. Not to mention a deadline I missed for an interview I promised to do. The best thing that's happening is my site is suddenly not working on Safari and Mozilla in Mac, Mozilla/IE on Windows still works fine (for me). It used to work in the past!

Now I have to spend time to figure out what's wrong and I have this feeling that I'm going to end up having to redo the whole bloody site. And such a task I'd prefer to do it on Dreamweaver on my PC and it just happens that BOTH my mouse AND keyboards decide to give way now. I mean, fine, it's been some 5, 6 years. But now of all time. T_T


But since I'm blogging, here's something from Bangkok.

I'd meant to have more but I only shopped once more on the last day in the end. Had the honour of meeting up with some really nice local artists there, vic-mon, asuka111, rei-i and tako~ Thank you for making my stay so memorable, you were great company. I also had a shoot with rei. :D

I'd put up photos from the trip and the photoshoot when I'm done with the emails. Hopefully. Now I just need a lot of sleep because I'm not even thinking or answering anything properly anymore.

And oh man my backlog of photos is scary.

Abigail Betz Scam

The email starts out like this:

Hello Dear,

How are you.I hope you are doing great.I am Joseph Smith, Press secretary for Abigail Betz, owner of Abigail Betz House of Couture.

I was just taking a tour of the website as I plan to organise a fashion show soon.Most importantly, we're planning to launch the label big in Singapore, hence, I am searching for someone/individuals who I can use for my promotions( billboards,posters,flyer).

I really like your looks and think you can be that person.Kindly email me immediately at abigailbetzcouture1@yahoo.com for more info.

To learn more about Abigail Betz,visit the following links:

Have a great day.

Yours faithfully,

Barr. Joseph Smith.
Abigail Betz House of Couture
56 Schilbach Street, Parys
South Africa
Email: abigailbetzcouture1@yahoo.com (preferred email)
Press secretary: joseph_smith1960@yahoo.com
+23483 693 0175
+23456 817 7911
EST. DATE: 1996

I didn't bother to reply and just googled, and woot power of the internet, read more about it here. Received it while on my trip to Bangkok, did a little search and I thought I ought to let little girls out there know to not fall for it. =D

Oh man I'm tired. Will update later about my wonderful trip (although medal-less hahaha).