Though it was a while ago when first I heard about the possibility of this being the last EOY, the news of the official statements saddened me so much more than I thought it would.

My first attendance was in 2001. Funny how I remember Esca said how I should dry my hair, or at least neaten it a bit before getting out of the house.

In 2002 I started hanging out with some RG seniors, and sang to Piece of Heaven each time it played in the background.

I think it was around that time when the cosplay circle started expanding and getting complex.

And bleeding into mid 03, someone very dear left us.

The series of events from that time made a huge impact upon me... I learnt to have a purpose, to cherish and treasure and live life.

There had been so many memories and bonds created along this path that are so very precious and dear to each and every one of us.

Thank you guys, for everything you'd done for this community all these years.

Air France left my luggage in Paris.

It's my worst fear when flying with them.

I told my team before we flew, if there's a chance, get a change of airline, but of course I knew it wasn't possible since the tickets were booked by the French Embassy.

And they actually paid 30,000 RMB per ticket for economy class, when the ones from Singapore Airlines come only at about 13,000 RMB per person. =_=;;;

Booth at Comic Fiesta 2008

This is just a quick update to let you know that my assistant Joyce will be representing me at Comic Fiesta in KL this coming weekend, booth is Zemotion.

Event Info:
Location: Sunway Pyramid Convention Hall
Date: 20th and 21st Dec 2008
Time: 11am - 7pm
Booth name/number.: Zemotion/A2-9
Getting There.

Prints from both Kuang Hong and myself will be available, as well as the softcover edition of my photobook.

Limited Editions which were pre-ordered are available for collection/pick-up during the event if you don't trust Malaysian Post. They will not be sold on the spot, so if you'll like to get your copy, purchase it here then email to let her know by this Thursday morning so she can pack it.

Please accept my sincere apologies for not being able to make it down in person and also being absent from EOY this year. ~>_

Paris Dec Part I

We stayed at a hotel that wasn't even done renovating for the first 2 nights. The smell of paint was driving me up the wall. I couldn't believe we were staying in a place that was like that.

But yay we changed to a better place today, and as an apology each one of us received a bottle of champagne. Awesomeness.

Recce photos

So fucking beautiful.
I heard when Langlang shot there the rental was 1.5mil rmb for 3 days. *_*

And because yuanyuan was super on about going to Cafe de Flore, we went.
First we saw the son of LVMH's CEO (whom they met during the Dior exhibition opening in Beijing), then realized that we were sitting near Sofia Coppola. Quentin and Yuanyuan couldn't believe that I didn't know who she was. =_=

Went to more awesome places today but I'll leave those pix for next time cuz I wanna sleep now, it's been a long day~~

Paris isn't as cold as I thought it would be.
It's actually a little more pleasant than before.

But right now, I just wish that I could be somewhere else
and say, in person, 生日快乐.


Due to some last minute stuff... I'm going to Paris with Quentin again.

Will depart this Friday evening, stay there for a while, go to China again and return in January.

So... I apologize for being unable to accept internship applications for December due to this, will get back to shortlisted applicants once I get back to Singapore. I'm so sorry to everyone who'd written in already. >_< Finally got around to resizing some editorials for web posting, so here goes~ female brides fall 2008
editor: allyson klass
photography: zhang jingna
styling: vernon sim
hair: judy koh
makeup: dily wang
models: jenna, natalia
location: club intercontinental lounge at intercontinental singapore

project: smitten nov 2008
photography: zhang jingna
styling: furqan saini
hair: faith
makeup: joanna koh
model: alexandra

project: smitten nov 2008 cover
photography: zhang jingna
styling: furqan saini
model: tais

Someone at Smitten conveniently forgot to credit the team which worked on this cover.


Oh well.

Now sleep, then shoot, come home and pack, sleep, then one more shoot and I'll be off. Yay~