*Woot! I have 40 drafts sitting around because sometime at the end of 2010 I'd clearly grown to hate posting things I've written for this blog. But since I'm now gonna my 2012 recap, figured I might as well post the 2010 one as well. :D  -12/31/12


- Went for hatsumode at Meiji Jingu and watched sunrise at Odaiba with Sawaka, Chris and Brandon. It was the most wonderful new year I'd ever had. Ever.
- Zaobao Now frontpage
- Photographed the "Be Empowered" campaign for Canon Singapore

The crowd for hatsumode at Meiji Jingu
Canon campaign up at the Isetan/Tangs underpass


- Visited Blizzard's HQ in Irvine, I was so completely taken by the Diablo III concepts I was later invited back for a playtest
- Held a meetup in Los Angele

Blizzard visit
L.A. meetup at the Griffith Observatory


- Gave a talk to an audience of 400 at Raffles Hotel's Jubilee Hall for Canon
- Shot the covers for Random House's Flappers series by Jillian Larkin in London

Canon's seminar at Raffles Hotel with Wong Maye-e
Behind the scenes from Flappers cover shoot in London, photographed by Irene Yap


- Solo street exhibition along Orchard Road in conjunction with Fashion Seasons @ Orchard (no photos cuz I was in L.A., but I was told it was quite an epic thing)
- Toured Pixar HQ, they have chocolate festivals wtf?! Do want


- Received the most hilarious birthday card from Jeff Simpson
- Held my 2nd solo gallery show, "Angel Dreams", at Japan Creative Centre, debut of my personal collaboration with Sugizo

Birthday card from jeffsimpsonkh depicting our first encounter

Angel Dreams exhibition

Sugizo, Ashinoko Lake, Japan, Dec 2009


- Shot for MontBlanc (Singapore & Indonesia)
- Shot promo images for Sugizo in L.A.


- Attended San Diego Comic Con, met Hagio Moto and experienced a fangirl moment for the first time in my life

Honey Trap from Where the Wild Things Are editorial at the Harper's Bazaar Spectacular Sights exhibition
Hagio Moto's autograph in my copy of A Drunken Dream and Other Stories. I also got a drawing!


- Covered deviantART's 10th Birthday Bash in L.A. with tobiee and received a drawing of a bishie with flowers from yuumei!
- Picked up cooking
- Collaborated with Mother of London (Before the Tide Comes)
deviantART's 10th Birthday Bash at House of Blues in L.A.
When I posted this on FB everyone thought I worked at a factory
- Featured in Elle Singapore for Elle 10 - The Next Big Thing
- Images of Sugizo published in Fool's Mate
- Shot with Daniel Landroche

Featured in Elle 10 - The Next Big Thing
Daniel Landroche


- Fashion Gone Rogue exclusive - Before the Tide Comes
- Art directed and shot 1000 Roses for SingaporeBrides
- Shot Swept Away for Elle Singapore with fashion editor Daphne Chen
- Judged two episodes in The Big Shot (Ch 5, Singapore)
- Picked up StarCraft I
- Moved to Los Angeles

Fashion Gone Rogue Exclusive: Before the Tide Comes
SingaporeBrides: 1000 Roses
Elle Singapore: Swept Away


- Car crash in L.A.
- Spoke at LCAD
- Toured DreamWorks HQ (good food!)


- Shot Spring/Summer '11 campaign for Max.Tan
- Attended Justin Sweet's workshop
- Visited Blizzard again for Diablo 3 playtest!
- First cover for Flappers Series published
- First visit to Toronto
- Photograph of Sugizo published for his promo in Luna Sea's concert pamphlet!
- Commissioned to photograph Luna Sea's concert at Tokyo Dome for Christmas, contributed to Luna Sea's new song title "Days of Repetition" while backstage (most epically random thing)

First of the Flappers series covers
Photographed Luna Sea Reboot @ Tokyo Dome, experience of a lifetime

Notable shoots:

- Personal: Sugizo, Alli Cripe (Porcelain, Alli), Denise w/ Mother of London (Before the Tide Comes), Daniel Landroche, Yuki Matsumura, Mega, Irene Lambers & Leza G
- Ads/Campaigns: Canon, Random House, MontBlanc
- Editorials: Harper's Bazaar Singapore x3, Elle Singapore, Fashion Gone Rogue, Fool's Mate, SingaporeBrides.com

...and this is where my draft ended. Not much afterthoughts and what not and I wouldn't know now for sure. So I'll leave it here. Thank you for reading. :D

Back in Tokyo

Lights are wrapped around the trees lining Omotesando Dori, it's beautiful, and reminds me of how close Christmas really is.

I was just settling into Toronto after touching down last Thursday, before an unexpected email from Sugizo's manager arrived two days later, asking if I'd be keen to photograph Luna Sea's LIVE in Tokyo at Tokyo Dome this weekend.

The past couple days had been sleepless with my packing, flight from LA to Toronto, meetings, more meetings, retouching, the pending confirmation for my Tokyo trip, and then packing again followed by the 13-hour flight from Toronto to Narita. I was retouching even on the plane.

It feels good to be back in Japan, this trip marks my 10th time in Tokyo.

In some ways, the familiarity makes it feel like a 2nd home to me now. And I think that familiarity is something really beautiful, for it brings back memories, making those moments feel close and real again, and that feeling is precious, almost like a dream, but real. So much memories here.

Postcard Book Giveaway!

I'm giving away 3 copies of my postcard books along with a mystery gift on Facebook. If you haven't heard about the giveaway, check the details out here 

Some photos - 

For those who're interested in purchasing, I apologize that it is not available at the moment. I'll update again when it comes back into stock. :3 

On another note, hello Toronto!!! 

On the way to our apartment in the morning
I was talking with my agent Suzy in the office today and when afternoon came it started snowing! The snowflakes were so big and fluffy and pretty, and I haven't actually seen snowfall in a long time, it made me a very, very happy girl. :D 

SingaporeBrides: 1000 Roses

For fashion.singaporebrides.com

Art Direction & Photography: Zhang Jingna
Editor: Fazillah Abdul Gaffa
Hair: Andrea Claire
Makeup: Dewi Mahoney
Photography assistants: Karin Xiao, Jacob Tan Yin Qi & Z Han
Hair styling assistant: Blaire Walmsley
Models: Julia Valimaki, Sasha Luss & Zivile Cibaite/Ave

My deepest thanks to SingaporeBrides.com for being supportive of me doing the creative and direction, and my lovely assistants for arranging and re-arranging those very thorny roses that filled up all 18-foot wide of our backdrop.

Representation Announcement

January 2011 Jingna will be available in Toronto
For more information, appointments or bookings
contact Suzy Johnston  +1-416-863-5115

So yeap, this is the major announcement I was talking about~! I am now represented by Suzy Johnston + Associates~

If you're wondering how this affects you (or me), well, if you're a North American client now you have someone to go to! :D But for the majority of you who aren't, it means I'll have more consistent help and be able to do more personal work, and hopefully be able to actually start touring my exhibitions other than just doing them in Singapore. That and I guess, it basically means I'll have more time for my 2nd book proper, to get it together sooner. 

I know it sounds vague but I am trying my best to work on everything. Please be patient with me. ;_;

I also have some plans to roll out fine art edition and limited edition prints from next year on. If you have something you'd been pining for ages please do tell me what they are, but keep in mind I won't be able to make every piece of work I have available because it's quite a big inventory. They'll probably also be a bit pricey for the most of you because fine art prints are just really expensive to make... sorry. OTL

And and, I'll be doing a mini giveaway next week once work clears up! I'm shooting a campaign for a wonderful Singaporean designer tomorrow, will keep you guys posted~! :3

Inspirations #2

My favourite people from CGHUB! <3

The Little Mermaid by jeffsimpsonkh (Jeff Simpson)
veil by tobiee (Tobias Kwan)
Lookout by flaptraps (Richard Anderson)
Vampyr by EmmanuelMalin (Emmanuel Malin)
Ten of Swords by davepalumbo (David Palumbo)
Stem by noah-kh (Kuang Hong)
so close by matayosi
Chaperon by Alexandre Day
Sunny November by NikYeliseyev
Epilogue by TomScholes (Thomas Scholes)

Aren't these amazing? I love everyone sooooo much. If you browse through their galleries you can definitely see where the vibrancy of my work has been coming in from as of late.

(I'll also shamelessly admit that I'd received birthday drawings from jeffsimpsonkh, noah-kh and tobiee. A copy of The Art of Guild Wars 2 from Rich Anderson with a personalized sketch, and a print from David Palumbo during Comic Con. I know, I'm so incredibly lucky to be spoiled by my favourite artists. ;_;)

Booked my ticket for Toronto. Will be there from the 16th of this month till Jan 21st.

To be honest I'm a little bit excited and a little bit scared. I'll get to meet up with my best friend, possibly visit Montreal, I pretty much love all the Canadians I know so I love Canada already, but I'm so afraid that I'll just freeze to death on the streets one day. It's getting too chilly for me even in L.A. these days, I really wish I had better tolerance for cold. ;_;

Elle Singapore - Swept Away

Swept Away
Elle Singapore, Dec 2010

Fashion Direction: Daphne Chen
Photography: Zhang Jingna

Photography Assistant: Karin Xiao
Styling Assistant: Rueban S
Hair: Ken Hong/Evolve Salon
Makeup: Elaine Décor
Nails: OPI/Forum Galleria OPI Centre
Model: Sasha Luss/Ave

This shoot was done just before I left Singapore. Daphne was a sweetheart to work with and it was really a great experience. We clicked right away and I found it super easy to suggest ideas for the concept. We also made the effort to cast models and do fabric shopping together. :D

I took some behind the scenes video but I have too little patience and knowledge when it comes to editing, and StarCraft II seems like such a better way to spend my time in comparison, so maybe next time~~ :D