Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach or host workshops?
I have an online course, Artistic Portrait Photography. You can also sign up for news of my upcoming workshops via my mailing list.

Where can I get prints of your work? 
Most of my work are available as large format edition prints only.
You can see a selection in the prints shop, or download the full Motherland Chronicles catalog here.

I would like to engage you for a photoshoot:
Please include the following information when contacting me for a quote:
Shoot Location:
Number of Images:
Usage Period, Media, Country:
Production information:
Please keep in mind that I am based in New York, additional fees will incur for travel budget and time.

Are you still working on the Motherland Chronicles art book? When will it be released?
We are working on it, but as I handle most of the production alone and self-fund the whole project, it may take some time. Please be patient with us. You can sign up for our mailing list to stay updated on the news.

May I use or share your work?
Sharing of my work in context is perfectly fine. Any other use however would usually require a commercial licensing fee. Please read my copyright notice for more information.

What camera and equipment do you use?
Check out my equipment list here.

I have some photography questions / can you give me some advice?
Due to the large amount of questions and messages I receive, it is simply impossible for me to personally respond to everyone. You can find a series of my writings about photography on my blog, which I hope you will find helpful.

Are you looking for models?
I'm always looking for new faces. You can submit a model application here.

Are you accepting internships?
Not at the moment.


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