Patreon Archive: Session #1


Patreon Archive: Session #1


Mini articles and video tutorials are available from my Patreon archive starting at $5.   

This item is the complete Session #1 bundle. 

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Patreon Session #1 Rewards Bundle

  • Article: Tips for Checking Hair and Makeup on Set
  • Questions answered:
    1. What elements are the most important to you when photographing, why?
    2. How do you manage your time working on both personal and commercial projects?
    3. How do I become a photographer's assistant?
    4. How much does it usually cost to get models/hair/makeup crew etc to do a test shoot with?
  • Retouching Time-Lapse: Hair Details (5min)
  • Article: How to Balance Artistic Interest Between Fine Art and Commercial Work

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